Masters Thesis titles for interested students

The following masters titles are available for interested individuals doing their masters in: computer science, IT, IS or other related fields.

1. Experimental Performance evaluation of multi-sink Routing Protocol for LLN (RPL)
RPL is a defacto routing protocol for WSN which builds and maintains its network by a single sink device. However recently there is an emerging research direction towards use of multiple sink. For this reason, there is a need to study the existing multi-sink implementations and study its benefit experimentally. Most of recent proposals base their study on the distributed computing of path selectio. In this, nodes decide themselves the paths to the sink without global control from the sink. Thus, the study would: review and compare existing RPL multi-sink implementation make performance tests of these implementations in terms of load sharing, lifetime maximization, and so on metrics. propose a multi-sink protocol for load sharing and network lifetime maximization algorithms. Study the pros and cons of having a multiple sinks corroborated by experimental evaluation. within the RFC standard of RPL, suggest better possible implementation

2. Throughput utilization of WSN for worst case situations
A WSN device (node) has a limited data rate of 250kb/s. A WSN node has to transmit, receive and relay data. This data may come from its neighbors or locally generated by the node. For worst case situations, as the number of neighboring nodes increases or when the rate of communication of a anode increases, throughput of a node would decrease. In these kind of situations, WSN operation should be stable. Thus the objective of the study would address the following: assess the existing throughput utilization of WSN devices assess the throughput due to relaying messages and its recurring effects on other performance. (power, delay…) suggest the maximal utilization of throughput for WSN nodes.

Required skills:

  • aspiration and dedication to work in WSN
  • knowledge of programming in c


  • have the access to work IoT devices in Jimma university.
  • Have the accessibility to WSN practical knowledge.
  • Possibility to work collaboratively with Vrije University of Brussels in Belium.

Available Tools :

  • Hardware: zolertia Z1 deivces, beaglebone black, adruino uno, WSN sniffer, Timoty sky.
  • Software: Contiki OS with COOJA simulation environment

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