JU-KOFIH Partnership

Scope of collaboration:

  •     Reducing maternal and child mortality in Jimma Zone
  •     Launching various advanced clinical skill training programs in Jimma University
  •     Strengthening the biomedical engineering services in JUTH
  •     Transforming JUTH leadership and governance
  •     Supporting JUTH and health facilities in Jimma zone with medical equipments
  •     Conducting collaborative research with Korean universities (institutions)

Achievements so far:

  •     Pre-placement BeMONC : 56 JU midwifery graduates of 2014 and 58 of 2015.
  •     CAC TOT: 16 JU/JUTH midwives & nurses.
  •     CAC in service training: 14 midwives & nurses from Jimma zone.
  •     BeMONC TOT: 16 JU/JUTH midwives & nurses.
  •     BeMONC in-service training: 16 professionals from JZHD and JUTH
  •     CFP TOT: 16 professionals from JU/JUTH and JZHD
  •     CFP in-service training: 16 professionals from JZHD and JU/JUTH
  •     Midwifery and nursing skill labs in JU: Renovation and equipping of three labs.


  •     5 specialist doctors attended 6 months training in Korea:
  •     Interventional cardiology
  •     Interventional GI endoscopy
  •     Laparoscopy
  •     Nephrology
  •     Neonatology
  •     Pediatric cardiac surgery
  •     Pediatric cardiology

    1 sub-specialist and 1 specialist attended 2 months training in Korea:

Biomedical engineering (BME):

  •     Mid level training for 3 months in Korea: 2 BMEs
  •     Senior level training for 3 months in Korea: 1 BME
  •     Experience sharing on management of biomedical equipments for 2 weeks in Korea: 1 BME
  •     Basic medical equipment maintenance tools were supplied
  •     BME workshop renovation and equipping with necessary tools
  •     BME consultation program for 5 months

Jimma University Teaching Hospital Leadership Management and Governance:

  •     Hospital management consultation: 6 months
  •     3 senior delegates: 1 week experience sharing in Korea.
  •     5 JUTH staffs: 2 weeks training on hospital manual development.
  •     JUTH operation manuals have been developed.

Medical equipment supply:

  •     List of medical equipments for JUTH and health facilities in JZHD was prepared and being revised to be re-submitted to KOFIH.


  •     A collaborative research has been conducted on: “Health Needs Assessment of Jimma Zone for Health System Strengthening”

JU PI (focal person): Hailemariam Segni (MD)