Health Services

Being in good health is one of the basic prerequisite for good academic performance.  Thus, we strive to provide the best care possible through our professionals in a manner that is welcoming and respectful of everyone. The Student Clinic offers many services, including:

  • Psychiatrist health care

  • Health Promotion/Disease Prevention

  • Routine health care provision

  • Adolescent and youth reproductive Health Service

    • STI management

    • RH counseling Service

    • VCT

    • FP

    • Emergency Contraceptive

    • Oral Contraceptive

    • Inject able Contraceptive

    • Condom Distribution

Moreover, for referral cases we have an agreement with Jimma University Specialized Hospital, Black Line Specialized Hospital and Amanuel Hospital at the cost of the University. We hope that your stay at Jimma University will be healthy and enjoyable, but just in case you have any health-related queries, do not hesitate to visit student clinic.