Evening Programs

1. College of Social Sciences and Humanities

PG Programs in Weekend/ Evening:

  • MA in Sociology and Social Policy
  • MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

2. College of Health Sciences

UG Programs in Evening/ Weekend:

  • BSc in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • BSc in Nursing
  • BSc in Pharmacy
  • BSc in Midwifery

3. College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

PG Programs in Weekend/ Evening:

  • MSc in Agribusiness and Value Chain Management
  • MSc in Natural Resource Management

4. College of Business and Economics 

UG Programs in Evening/Weekend:

  • BA in Accounting and Finance
  • BA in Management
  • BA in Baking and Finance
  • BA in Economics

PG Programs in Evening/ Weekend:

  • MSC in Accounting and Finance
  • Masters of Business Administration /MBA/
  • Masters of Public Management