Each semester existing students are required to register for classes for the next semester. The registration is held in the respective college office of students’ Affairs.

To register for classes, students should collect three copies of registration slips from the respective department and complete the required information and get them signed by the head of the department/school and submit one copy of the slip to the respective college office of students’ Affairs and one copy to the University office of the registrar.
You can now apply to Jimma Universty Registrar office at the following programs based on the minimum requirements of each departments.

  1. Graduate Programs

Graduate Admission

Admission to regular graduate program

The candidate must have completed the academic requirement for the Bachelor’s degree with:

A Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.00 or higher from any recognized college of higher learning. However, given the availability of spaces admission to the School of Graduate Studies shall be on competitive basis.
The candidate must be supported by at least two letters of recommendation from appropriate body or colleges. Such letters of recommendation should preferably come from instructors or employers who are well acquainted with the applicant’s ability to cope up with the requirements of graduate study s/he applies.
Graduate students shall present evidence of financial support/ability to defray costs of tuition and research project. Any graduate student shall not, in any case, be allowed to register and start attending classes without presenting this evidence.
Admission shall take place three times in a year for the spring semester beginning in January, for the fall Semester beginning on September and summer semester beginning in July.
Age: Anyone who wants to join the graduate program can apply. For pedagogical reasons or special requirements of field of study, the College Academic Commission may set appropriate age limits subject to the approval of the Council of Graduate Studies. However, the maximum age limit an applicant to be admitted to the masters program shall not exceed 35 years and for PhD program 45 years.
A candidate to be admitted to the graduate program shall pass the Post Graduate entrance exam and/or other specific requirements that may be set by the respective department and the Council of Graduate Studies.

2. Undergraduate Programs

Admission to Undergraduate Program (Regular)

Responsible Organ for Admission:

Admission at first year level to all undergraduate full-time studies is processed and granted by the Office of the Registrar and college OSA.

Admission Requirements:

Until the centralized placement of students by the Ministry of Education ceases and the University directly accepts and determines admissions, a student to be admitted to any undergraduate program to the university, he/she must satisfy the following minimum requirements

He/she must complete Preparatory School education and obtain the necessary pass marks in the Ethiopian University Entrance Examination (EUEE) or when the Student completed his Secondary Education abroad, he/she must be with of equivalent academic achievements as determined by the Ministry. The Student must be able to produce evidence proving that he/she has the financial capacity to defray tuition expenses or he/she shall sign the Cost Sharing contract in accordance with the manner set by the Ministry of Education.

Admission With Advanced Standing

Admission to all undergraduate degree programs with advanced standing level or post basic BSc program is processed and granted through the University Registrar and the concerned admissions office, providing that the respective Academic Commission approves it. Given the availability of places, admission shall be on competitive basis.

Before graduating from an institution of Higher Learning, qualified students may apply for advanced standing admission, which is determined by the college concerned and registrar office:

When they have successfully completed a minimum of one year of study in an institution of higher learning of equivalent standard with minimum CGPA of 2.00 or above; meet the special; requirements of the College/ Department they are applying for.

  • After Graduating from an institution of Higher Learning with a Diploma.Graduates holding diplomas from institutions of higher learning of similar standard may seek admission into the degree program of the University if they have:
  • Minimum CGPA of 2.00 up on graduation
  • Working experience in the intended field of study, where applicable;
  • Favorable recommendations from their employers, where applicable;
  • Secured source of fund, where applicable and the screening mechanism of such students shall be devised by the University,

Applicants registered in another recognized tertiary-level institution or programs may apply for advanced standing admission, provided the courses they have already taken are relevant or similar to the courses offered by the University.

Graduates with BSc, may apply for Medical School, provided that they meet the special criteria sated by the college: if they can produce a letter of permission and recommendation from their employing Organization and had a minimum CGPA of 2.5 on completing their first degree.

Admission of Post Basic

Admission of post basic shall be based on diploma level training, entrance exams and certification of work experience. Admission to Continuing and Distance Education (CDE) Program

The same or similar regulations as in the regular degree and diploma programs may apply for admission into the Continuing Education Program. i.e.: Admission with Ethiopia University Entrance Examination (EUEE),ESLCE or foreign equivalent academic achievements

Admission of Part- time Students

Students who would like to enroll on part-time basis could be allowed to attend classes of Regular undergraduate program for a degree. They must meet the admission requirements of The University and fulfill other requirements set by the regulation of the University.

3. International Students
Admission of foreign students shall be determined by the general criteria of Ministry of education.