Background (about the department)

Jimma University department of Surgery is one of the oldest departments of Jimma University giving academic and clinical services since the inception of the University. Being the only tertiary level surgical care provider in the south-west Ethiopia, it serves more than 15 million people of all age groups spanning from preterm with congenital condition like NEC to old age with malignancies like colorectal diseases. Currently subspecialist services provided by the department include Pediatric Surgery, Hepato-biliary Surgery, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery and GI oncology. We aspire to be one of the best Surgical centers in the region with high quality surgical care.
JU department of Surgery aspires to be one of the premier Surgical teaching and service providing center in Africa and renowned in the world by 2025
To train high caliber Surgeons, undertaking quality and problem solving research and To provide safe & timely surgery to broad range of surgical diseases affecting all age groups thereby decreasing death and disability due to surgical conditions in the south west Ethiopia

  • About Research at the Department
  • According to the curriculum of Surgery, all residents do one quality research and defend before being allowed to graduate. These researches are done under the advise of both a Surgeon and a public health professional. In addition to this, there are currently two projects, on Pediatric admissions and Orthopedic admissions, which are collaborative efforts between departments of Pediatrics, Surgery and Public health. 
  • Collaborative research Projects
  • Pattern of pediatric surgical admissions
  • Orthopedic surgical admission
  • Research Activities of students and staffs

2020 Final year residents’ clinical research.

1Dr BekaOutcome and associated factors of patients managed for BOO at JMCDr Ashebir          Prof. Kifle W/M.
2Dr AwotOutcome (cellular level) of adult patients with GI malignancy admitted to GI oncology unit of JMC, survival analysisDr Tilahun           Mr. Fasil Tessema
3Dr AshenafiIncidence and predictors of surgical site infection among patients admitted to different surgical wards of JMC, 6 month prospectiveDr Birhanu          Dr. Lelisa Sena
4Dr GreysOutcome of children admitted with childhood malignancy admitted and underwent surgery at JMC 3 year retrospective analysis, survival analysisDr Seifu               Dr. Abdulhalik Workicho
5Dr GutuPattern and outcome of adult patients with oncologic disease presented to surgery department(OPD and wards) of JMC, 3 year retrospective studyDr Dhabessa      Dr. Mulusew Gerbaba  
6Dr FitsumTreatment outcome of patients with pathologically proven thyroid cancer at JMC, retrospective 5 year studyDr Gemechu                                Mr.Yohannes Kebede
7Dr MezgebuPattern and outcome of patients who underwent thyroid surgery at JMC, prospective 6monthsDr Varghese                                Mr.Yohannes Kebede
8Dr NebiyouPattern and outcome of patents with CT proven intracranial hematoma at JMC prospective 6 month studyDr Mohammed                                Mr.Fira Abamecha
9Dr ObsaPattern and outcome of patients with burn admitted to plastic ward of JMC prospective 6 month studyDr Zenebe          Mr.Abebe Mamo
10Dr TadesseAssessment of implementation of surgical checklist and its barriers for implementation at JMC, prospective 6monthDr Lidya               Dr.Dejene Tilahun
11Dr TarekegnePattern and e of patients with ARM in JMC one year prospective studyDr Gersam         Dr. Seid Tiku
12Dr TeshomeTime to death and factors associated with mortality among emergency patients presenting to JMC surgery department prospective one year studyDr Gersam         Dr. Seblework Mekonnen 
13Dr OsiyasPattern and management outcome of adult patients with blunt abdominal trauma at JMC six month prospective studyDr Yadeni            Prof. Argaw Abelu

 2021 Final year residents’ clinical research

General surgery year 4 resident – Research titleMajor AdvisorCo-advisor
1.                   Dr. Nahom ZegeyePattern and outcome of pediatric surgical admission at JUMCDr GersamDr Tadese
2.                   Dr AberaFrequency and clinical presentation of colorectal cancer in JUMCDR DhabessaDr Osias
3.                   Dr AbdulmenanPattern and outcome of patients undergoing TVP for BPH in JUMCDr AshebirDr Tadele
4.                   DR NetsanetPattern and identified associated risk factors in pediatrics patients presenting with foreign body at JMCDr SeifuDr Mohamed M
5.                   Dr Negassa GetachewPrevalence and clinical outcome of necrotizing fasciitis in JUMCDr BirhanuDr Ashenafi
6.                   Dr MohammedAssessment of etiology and treatment outcome of large bowel obstruction at JUMCDr VargheseDr Sultan
7.                   Dr Yoseph TemesgenPattern and Outcome of EDH evacuation at JUMCDr Mohammed A/ FitaDr Frew
8.                   Dr FetenePattern and treatment outcome of adhesive bowel obstructions in JUMCDr YadeniDr Workineh
9.                   Dr Mesele AddisPattern and outcome of penetrating abdominal injuries in JUMC a one year prospective studyDr LidyaDr Gutu
10.               Dr Gosa AbebePatterns and outcome of closed long bone fracture in JUMCDr TegenuDr Mulugeta
11.               Dr Diriba TerfaAntimicrobial susceptibility pattern and treatment outcome of musculoskeletal infection in children admitted to JUMCDr EuyelDr Mulugeta
12.               Dr Melese BiraraPattern and outcome  of pediatric surgical oncology admissions at JUMC a three year retrospective studyDr Gersam Dr Ashenafi
13.               Dr Mohammed A/ JihadRetrospective  five year study on prevalence  of ileo-sigmoid knotting in JUMCDr Tilahun Dr Biruk
14.               Dr Muktar KedirPattern and outcome of abdominal injury at JUMCDr Gemechu Dr Tadese
15.               Dr Thomas ToleraAssessment of level of patient satisfaction after transvesical prostatectomy for BPH at JMCDr Yonas Dr Tadele
16.               Dr Eyob MamoPattern, associated factors and outcome of relaparatomy among all surgical patients at JMCDr Biruk Dr Tilahun
17.               Dr MikiyasAssessment of Pattern and outcome of chest injury among adult patients at JUMC