Health Officer

Background (about the department): 
Jimma University was the amongst government university to start Health Officer program in 1980s, and has produced many professionals to the market. During its start-up the program was under public health college then after years it become under medical faculty until now. The school served as a leader in public health service and research undertaking a range of activities including teaching undergraduate students, carrying out research activities; developing and managing the Team Training Program. The school was merged and coordinated with medical students since 2007, then it has separated and established as School of Health Officer in 2020 under the medical faculty. 

  • Vision: 

The school of public health envisions being a regional center of public health excellence in problem solving training, advancement of knowledge, advocacy including operational research and involvement in conducting international and national community services as well as continuing education on the basis of demand from the Ministry of Health and other agencies.

  • Mission: 

The school of public health is dedicated to the education of public health professionals; to the discovery, application and dissemination of new knowledge; and the promotion of health and prevention of diseases in Ethiopia by assisting governmental, non-governmental and international agencies in policy development, planning, implementation and evaluation of public health programs. 
To bring about sustainable, positive changes in health by providing an outstanding program of research, teaching and service – to educate the next generation of public health leaders who endeavour to discover, test and disseminate solutions to health threats and problems; and translate research into effective practices and sound policies.