Internal Medicine

Background: Internal medicine is a discipline and core section of medicine having a long history. It is through general practice and general internal medicine that patient care services begin and advance to refined services. Department of Internal Medicine is primarily concerned with the Teaching both undergraduate and post graduates students together with providing Clinical services under the Jimma medical Centre, Jimma University.
Vision, Mission & Objectives: To produce competent, compassionate, respectful, and caring autonomous Medical Doctors and Internists who can provide optimal clinical care and participate in the teaching and health care related clinical researches. 
Strategic objectives:

  • To produce medical doctors and internal medicine specialists who promote health and prevent disease for individuals, families, and communities at all levels of the health care system.
  • To produce internal medicine specialists who are able to lead and manage internal medicine health care services.
  • Ensure improvement of care that is appropriate, effective, compassionate, and safe in dealing with health problems and promotion of health, including a patient-centred and holistic approach.
  • Can effectively teach and facilitate learning in their field of expertise and act as a role model for learners.
  • To become advocates for the promotion of health, prevention of disease, and prioritization of internal medicine care.
  • Are able to conduct clinical, epidemiological, and operational research to improve clinical service and health care system response.
  • Act according to ethical and legal principles.
  • Ensure that trainees have appropriate working conditions to maintain their own health.

 Admission Criteria: For undergraduates

  • The students who are sent by ministry of higher  education from preparatory schools having fulfilled the cut off point for joining the higher education 
  • Applicants that meet the admission requirements set by the academic commission of the Jimma University.
  • Applicants shouldn’t have difficulties in seeing, hearing, speaking  and other important physical functions 

Admission Criteria: For postgraduates

  • Eligible candidates should have an M.D degree from a certified training program. 
  • The candidate should be in a good state of health, both mentally and physically, that enables him/her to practice internal medicine.
  • The candidate should include an application letter.
  • Candidates will sit for written exam and be interviewed before admission to the program through the FMOH Residency Matching Program. 
  • The candidate should include a sponsorship letter from sponsoring institution.