Continuing  Professional  Development  (CPD)  refers  to  all activities  health  professionals  undertake  formally  to maintain,  update  and  develop  their  knowledge,  skills  and attitudes  in  response  to  the  health  service  needs  of  the public.
CPD  denotes  to  the  period  of  education  and  training  of health  professionals  commencing  after  completion  of  basic or  postgraduate  health  professional  training.
CPD  is  a  broad  concept  referring  to  the  continuing development  of  the  multi-faceted  competencies  inherent  in health  services  covering  wider  domains  of  professionalism needed  for  high- quality  professional  performance.  It  aims  to maintain  and  develop  competencies  of  individual  health professionals  essential  for  meeting  the  changing  needs  of patients and the health service system  and responding to the new challenges of emerging/re-emerging health problems and scientific development.
Health  professionals  must  maintain,  update  and  enhance  their knowledge,  skills,  and  attitude  to  adequately  deliver  quality  health care.  This  is  particularly  important  due to a changing disease pattern in  which  diseases  that  had  been  eradicated  are  now  reemerging,  as well  as  an  increase  of  non-communicable  diseases.  There  is  a  need for  CPD  to  maintain professional  competence  in  an environment of numerous  challenges,  rapid  organizational  changes,  information technology,  increasing  public  expectations  and  demand  for  quality and  greater  accountability.
Currently,  CPD  activities  in  Ethiopia  are  fragmented  as  there  are no  standardization,  regulation  and  accreditation  mechanisms. Besides,  CPD  activities  have  never  been  linked  to  re-licensure  of health  professionals.  Hence, Ministry of Health believes that  CPD should  be  systematically  organized,  tied  to the  relicensing  system and  occur  in  concerted  with  other  developments  in  health  care system  to  improve  the  quality  of  health  services.