Dental Medicine

Executive summery

Jimma University has taken the first step by preparing DMD program in 1997 E.C these was approved by workshop that was held in Jimma university and the school of dentistry was opened in the same year. Students were admitted in 1997 E.C.Analyzing the problem of oral health of Ethiopian people from objective reality point of view the JU found out that it is necessary to start the DMD program. A national workshop was called on with the participation of stakeholders such as ministry of education, national universities and experts from abroad. Finally the ministry of education, and the universities became aware more than ever about the oral health service and training program needs of the Ethiopian people.each year the department capacity intake is on average 30 students.The department gives patient care services both at inpatient and outpatient departments in addition to undertaking research and acadamic activities under general OPD, OMFS OPD and ward, endodontic and operative dentistry OPD, and orthodontics OPD The department has started to train OMFS residency program in 2004, Endodontics and operative dentistry speciality program in 2005 EC and speciality training in orthodontics in 2006 EC after study done on need of speciality trainings to solve the ethiopian oral health problem. And the intake capacity of the soeciality programs currently is 12 residents on avarage in the three units.
The School of Dental Medicine will be internationally recognized for excellence in contemporary dental education that is delivered in an environment of inclusiveness and respect.|
To teach students and improve the oral health of the country through patient care, research and service.
Professional excellence and integrity in living, learning, and practicing with the highest ethical and clinical standards Commitment to advance dentistry through the integration of education, research, and collaboration Respect for each other’s rights, opinions, and beliefs in a diverse and supportive environment A culture of open communication that fosters strong community
Goals Education
Provide undergraduate and postgraduate students with a quality education that integrates evidence-based knowledge and skills in the clinical, biomedical, and behavioral sciences necessary to become competent and proficient practitioners.Develop practitioners who think critically, value life-long learning and exhibit ethical decision-making and professionalism. Patient Care Provide comprehensive and patient-centered dental care for patients in our clinics. Improve access to oral health care in the country through the practice of our graduates.
Provide an environment for the staffs and students that promotes, encourages and supports research/scholarship.Provide an environment that promotes collaborative research/scholarly activities among departments, University and external Links.