Dermatology Dept Administration

Department Administration

Management: List of Chairs, coordinators, etc
•Staffs in Department 

  • Dr Gerbi Dhuguma
  • Dr Kibrom Tekleab
  • Dr Tadele Mola
  • Dr Tewodros Kaleb
  • Dr Betelhem Bafena
  • Dr Tadesse Belina

Admission Criteria

  • Patients with dermatologic emergencies
  • Patients with acute erythroderma
  • Drug reactions
  • Extensive seborrheic dermatitis resulting in exfoliative dermatitis
  • Extensive contact dermatitis
  • Extensive atopic dermatitis
  • Papulosquamous disorders (e.g. extensive psoriasis, lichen planus, …)
  • Bullous disorders (e.g pemphigus folaceous, paraneoplastic pemphigus, bullous pemphigoid, …)
  • Autoimmune Connective tissue diseases (e.g SLE, dermatomyositis, Overlap syndrome,…)
  • Cutaneous malignancies (e.g cutaneous T-cell lymphoma)
  • Metabolic conditions
  • Severe infections (e.g. SSSS, Necrotizing fasciitis,, neonatal HSV infection, neonatal varicella,…)
  • In neonates and infants, genodermatoses (e.g ichthyoses)
  • Emergencies related to STDs
  • Emergencies related to dermatosurgery procedures( like:-anaphylaxis,vasovagal syncope, lidocaine allergy,… )
  • Emergencies related to urticaria and angioedema
  • Patients with leprosy reaction 
  • Miscellaneous (e.g. Kasabach-Merritt phenomena, purpura fulminans, Kawasaki disease,…)
  • Dermatologic diseases which need prolonged treatment(e.g leishmaniasis with systemic antimonials)
  • In case of diagnostic dilemma to settle diagnosis of patient