Internal Medicine Administration

Department Administration

Management: List of Chairs, coordinators: 

  • Dr Kedir Negesso Tukeni is a  Head of Department of Internal Medicine
  • Dr Gashahun Mekonnen is a Post graduates Coordinator                                                                                                             
  • Dr Gaddisa Desu, undergraduates Coordinator, Department of Internal Medicine 
  • Professor Esayyas Kebede and Dr Daniel Yilma, Senior experts on Clinical Research and infectious diseases
  • Dr Ermias Habte, Endocrinologist, Department of Internal Medicine
  • Dr Elsah Tegene, Interventional cardiologist
  • Dr Tadesse Dhukessa, cardiologist
  • Dr Dagmawi Tewolde, senior Gastroenterology/Hepatology fellow 
  • Dr Maekel Belay, Nephrologist