About the Department

About the Department

The Department of Pediatrics and Child Health is one of the departments in JUMC. Its scope of service includes providing promotive, preventive and curative services, teaching under graduate and postgraduate students, providing short term trainings for health professionals coming from different public health facilities as well as the different departments in the faculty of medical sciences (clinical pharmacy, clinical anatomy etc.) and conducting different problem solving community and clinical researches (includes student and staff researches). Promotive, preventive and curative services are provided under the department through the different units under the department, namely the expanded program of immunization (EPI), outpatient department (OPD),chronic illnesses follow up clinics, paediatric emergency unit and inpatient department (IPD),which is comprised of neonatal ward/neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), Paediatrics intensive care unit(PICU),nutritional rehabilitation unit (NRU), cardiac unit, hematology/oncology unit, pediatric surgery unit and the main ward. All these services are provided by different category of health professionals including nurses, medical interns, residents, pediatricians and sub-specialists as well as other supportive staff
Our vision is to be a national and international centre of excellence in teaching and practice of Paediatrics and Child Health
To reduce morbidity, mortality and disability and improve health status and quality of life of children by providing comprehensive package of curative, disease preventive, health promotion and rehabilitative care to the needy children. 

  • Achieve professional excellence in delivering quality care
  • Ensure care with integrity and ethics.
  • Adhere to national and global standards in healthcare
  • Provide quality healthcare to all sections of the society 
  • Produce competent health professionals through high quality medical and paramedical trainings.

Core values
Our values should be the most important factor in achieving the common goal of our department and hospital. These values should be inculcated into all the members of the department as well as our students.
Community First

  • We are here for nothing but to serve and satisfy our community.
  • We treat them in a way we want to be treated.
  • We have three priorities: Community, Community, and Community

We work together in sprit of mutual support and understanding to achieve our collective goals through teamwork.
Commitment to quality of care
We insist on quality and strive to get the basic rights every time: safety, confidentiality, professional and managerial integrity, accountability, dependable service and good communication.  We welcome feedback, learn from our mistakes and build on our successes.
We innovate new ways of doing things and will always be open to reforms for the betterment of our services. 
We ensure maximum vulnerability and integrity to each other.
Continued Medical Education
Encouraging and achieving excellence, continual learning and improvement will be one of our values.
Accountability and Responsibility
We work to be responsible and accountable for the outcome of services we provide.
We will treat our respected clients with integrity and in a friendly, trustful and respectful manner.
Respect and dignity
We value each person as an individual, respect their aspirations and commitments in life, and seek to understand their priorities, needs, abilities and limits. We are honest about our point of view and what we can and cannot do.
We respond with humanity and kindness to each person’s pain, distress, anxiety or need. We search for the things we can do, however small, to give comfort and relieve sufferings. We find time for those we serve and work alongside. We do not wait to be asked, because we care.
Improving lives
We strive to improve health and well-being and people’s experiences of our hospital. We value excellence and professionalism wherever we find it – in the everyday things that make people’s lives better as much as in clinical practice, service improvements and innovation.
Working together for patients
We put patients first in everything we do, by reaching out to staff, patients, caregivers, families, communities, and professionals outside the hospital. We put the needs of patients and community before organizational boundaries.
Everyone counts
We use our resources for the benefit of the whole community, and make sure nobody is excluded or left behind. We accept that some people need more help, that difficult decisions have to be taken and that when we waste resources, we waste others’ opportunities. We recognize that we all have a part to play in making ourselves and our communities healthier and wealthier.

  • To increase the no of subspecialist from 2 to 7 in 5 years
  • To increase the no of general paediatrician from 9 to 15 in 5 years
  • To increase the no of  associate professors from 2 to 5 in 5 years
  • To have 2  full professors in 5 years