MSc in Midwifery Education

MSc in Midwifery Education (Regular)

General Objective 

  • To equip midwives with advanced skills in midwifery education, clinical practice, leadership and research

Specific Objectives      

  • The specific objectives of this program are to:
  • Produce Midwives who have the required knowledge to develop curriculum, instructional design and assessment methods.
  • Produce midwives who are able to demonstrate effective communication skills with patients, students and colleagues to make sound clinical decisions on major MNCH problems. 
  • Produce high level educational planners for the various levels of the midwifery educational system, possessing required competencies to enhance quality midwifery education. 
  • Produce midwife educators who are equipped with methodology of teaching and skill transfer techniques  
  • Produce midwives with skill of leadership & management in any health service systems
  • To produce midwives who can conduct problem solving research and apply to maintain evidence-based practice for the advancement of midwifery practice and community level health services.

Entry Requirements:

The prospective candidate to join MSc in Midwifery Education must have at least a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) in Midwifery. In addition, he/she has to fulfil the requirements of the School of Graduate Studies of Jimma University which include:

  1. A minimum of 2 years work experiences.
  2. Having CGPA of 2.0 and above in previous degree for both genders. 
  3. Must pass the entrance examination   
  4. Must provide two recommendations from his/her employer or academic professional conduct proven by references. 
  5. Have full sponsorship letter from employing organization/self-possible 
  6. Fulfil other contemporary requirements set by the Jimma University 

Duration of Study:

The programme consists of a total 39 Credit hours including research thesis to be completed in two academic years.

Graduate Profile:

The graduate profile for this master program is divided in to the following four major areas.  Therefore, upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

1. Education 

      1.1. Plan midwifery courses 
        Competency description (competency statement) 
 A graduate is competent in planning a midwifery course including carefully developing objectives for teaching and learning, planning for student assessment, selecting   teaching methods, selecting   appropriate learning materials, developing session plans and preparing teaching aids. 
1.2. Facilitate the development of midwifery knowledge, attitude & skill
 A graduate is  competent in facilitating  the development of midwifery  knowledge , attitude and skills when they are able to effectively teach students of midwifery including introducing , facilitating , summarizing session in the class room , facilitate group learning activities, introducing, demonstrating and coaching students in simulation environment , coaching learners in the clinical practice setting and community practice.
1.3. Assessing performance of midwifery students
  A graduate is competent in assessing performance of midwifery students through developing  valid and reliable competency assessment measures specific to knowledge, skills and attitude, construct test (basic and advanced) using principles of test construction , choose and apply assessment methods used to assess student’s attitude and skill, perform item analysis ,utilize blueprint to develop a valid assessment strategy ,establishing credible, defensible, and acceptable passing or cutoff scores for performance type examinations in midwifery  education. 
 1.4. Design, develop and review curriculum in midwifery education based on needs assessment  
A graduate is competent in designing and developing curriculum and perform curriculum review   when necessary, including the formulation of course descriptions, rationale, mission aim, objectives, content, learning activities, assessment methods, developing trainer and participants manuals, conduct training and evaluate training.
    1.5. Monitor and Revise Midwifery Education Program
A graduate is competent in monitoring and revising midwifery education when they are able to collect information in the context of teaching, process of teaching and immediate outcome of teaching using a variety of methods and use the result of monitoring and evaluation for improving quality of education 

2. Research
 2.1. Conduct Research on midwifery education and other health related problems. 
 A graduate is competent   in conducting research on midwifery education and RMNCAH. 

3. Provision of   clinical service 
3.1. Provide clinical service 

A graduate is able to competently and effectively perform midwifery care services, demonstrate effective communication skills with patients, students and colleagues to make sound clinical decisions on MNCH services like:

  1. Supervising basic emergency obstetrics and new born care 
  2. Long acting family planning services
  3. Screening, counselling and treatment for STIs 
  4. Post rape/ sexual assault/GBV treatment and counselling
  5. Perform MVA, MA and manage abortion complication  

4. Leadership and management

4.1. Design and implement projects related to Midwifery Education and RH issues

4.2. Advocate RH issues 

4.3. Monitor and evaluate projects related with RH issues

4.4. Conduct supervision of any health care programs and services 

4.5. Exercise institutional managerial roles 

Graduation Requirements:

  • A student must maintain at least ‘B’ for core courses and is allowed only to have one ‘C’ from supportive courses and CGPA > 3.0. 
  • Students falling below 3.0 CGPA or having incomplete courses may be placed on probation or subjected to dismissal.
  • Has taken all the required courses for the program 
  • A successful defence of Research thesis and getting B (Good).

Perform the under listed procedures 

Normal delivery10
Newborn resuscitation10
Assisted breach delivery  8
Assist C/s6
Vacuum Extractions8
Induction and augmentation of labour6
Manual vacuum aspiration of the uterus for incomplete and spontaneous abortions (MVA), MA10
Low and Outlet forceps6
Manual removal of placenta8
Insertion/ removal of contraception implants10
Insertion/ removal of IUD10
Conduct teaching learning activity with different ways of teaching style Three session
Develop and design a sample curriculumOne project

Degree nomenclature:

Up on successful completion of this program the graduate will be awarded “The Degree of Master of Science in Midwifery Education” in English and የማስተር ሳይንስ ዲግሪ  በሚድዋይፈሪ   ኢዱኬሽን” in Amharic. 

List and semester breakdown of courses:
List of courses for M.Sc. in Midwifery Eeducation Program (Supportive and Professional Courses are shown by “X” Mark)

S/No.                   Course TitleTotal Credit HoursSupportive Course (1)Professional Course (2)
1.       Professional Ethics & clinical audit    2 X
2.       Computer and application software                                              2X 
3.       Teaching Methodology and Instructional Design3 X
4.       Curriculum Design and Development3 X
5.       Biostatistics2X 
6.       Epidemiology2X 
7.       Leadership, management and Governance in health 2X 
8.       Simulation & Clinical Teaching Skills2 X
9.       Obstetrics & Gynaecology3 X
10.   Obstetrics & Gynaecology Practicum                                            3 X
11.   Clinical and theoretical teaching practicum                                                     1 X
12.   Neonatology   2 X
13.   Reproductive Health2 X
14.   Research Methodology2X 
15.   Research Thesis4X 
16.   DTTP4X 
 Total3919 cr.hr20

Course Breakdown by semester

Year I, Semester I 
  Course code  Course TitleCredit Hours
GMIDW521Professional Ethics & clinical audit22
GPEDG 521Teaching Methodology and  Instructional Design213
GPEDI 521Neonatology22
GMIDW528Simulation & Clinical Teaching Skills112
GMIDW 523Reproductive Health22
GPEDG522Curriculum Design and Development33
Total12       2    14
Year I, Semester II
Course code                 Course TitleCredit Hours
GMIDW522Obstetrics & Gynaecology33
GCOMP513Computer and application software                                              112
GCOMH515Research Methodology22
                    Total10 111
Year II, Semester I
Course code              Course TitleCredit Hours
GCOMH625Leadership, management and Governance in health 22
GMIDW 627Obstetrics & Gynaecology Practicum                                           33
GMIDW 524Clinical and Theoretical Teaching Practicum                                                     11
    Year II, Semester II
Course code            Course TitleCredit Hours
GMIDW 612Research Thesis44


  • Laboratories  
  • Midwifery Skill Development Laboratory