Surgery Administration

Department Administration

Strategic Directions:

  1. Improve access and safety of Surgery to provide high quality service
  2. Undertake high quality research and publish on reputable journals
  3. Increase the number of specialist and sub-specialist Surgeons and retain experienced staff
  4. Start new residency training in Pediatric Surgery
  5. Collaborate with local, national and international partners in academics and service

 Management: List of Chairs, coordinators, etc: 

Head of Surgery:Dr Gersam Abera 
Post graduate coordinator:Dr Tilahun Habte 
Assistant PG coordinators:Dr Yonas Yilma (Year 4), Dr Dhabesa Mosisa (Year 3), Dr Gemechu Lemi (Year 2)  Dr Ashebir Birhanu (Year 1) 
Undergraduate coordinator:Dr Yadeni Michael Dr Workineh Tesfaye 
Surgical Unit heads  
Pediatric Surgery unit head Orthopedic Surgery Unit head GI and Hepatobiliary unit headDr Seifu Alemu Dr Eyoel Ambachew Dr Yonas Yilma 
Surgical quality head:Dr Birhanu Abdisa 
Research coordinator:Dr Lidia Gemechu Dr Biruk Umer 
Exam committee chair:Dr Birhanu Abdisa