Ophthalmology Facilities and Services

Ophthalmology Facilities and Services

Jimma university department of ophthalmology (JUDO) renders different diagnostic and therapeutic services which are organized under Outpatient, Inpatient and OR case teams/services.
Outpatient services consist of:

  1. Ophthalmology triage unit/card room
  2. Clinical assessment and treatment rooms
  3. Pharmacy dispensing unit and the cashier
  4. Imaging and diagnostic unit
  5. Therapeutic units
  6. Rehabilitation center
  7. Spectacle dispensing unit
  8. Offices 

Clinical services shall be organized close to each other.
➢ Outpatient Services will be overseen by the clinical coordinator and nurse head of the case team. He/she is responsible for all activities  conducted  in the Outpatient unit  including:

  • Patient  triage,
  • Case management
  • Rehabilitation and low vision service
  • Dispensing service 
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic services.
  • Refraction

The outpatient case team encompasses various units which give diagnostic and therapeutic services. The units include; general OPD, refraction clinic, sub-specialty clinics, diagnostic center, laser center, and optical workshop.

  1. General OPD In this unit, any patient who is referred from other centers, general patients who are on follow-up (patients who does not need sub-specialty care), and emergency cases are evaluated and managed. Any patient who needs sub-specialty follow-up will be transferred to the sub-specialty unit to be followed at the sub-specialty unit.
  2. Refraction clinic In this clinic various services are given by Optometrists who are working in the clinic. Patients who need refraction are referred to this clinic from all other clinics of the department. Any patients with cataract, except very young patients, are also referred to this clinic for Biometry before admission. Any patient who needs a health check-up for employment or driving license will be evaluated for vision in this clinic.
  3. Sub-specialty clinics In these clinics, any patient who needs a sub-specialist evaluation and follow-up is evaluated and managed after the patient is evaluated in other clinics and the sub-specialist is consulted. So for, five sub-specialty clinics have started functioning. Those include cornea and anterior segment, glaucoma, pediatric ophthalmology, vitreoretina and oculoplasty.  Some of the sub-specialty clinics are run by the sub-specialist while others lack sub-specialist.
  4. Diagnostic clinics In this clinic some diagnostic procedures are performed. The procedures include visual field examination with FDT machine, OCT evaluation of the disc and macula by Topcon OCT machine, ocular ultrasound, Air puff tonometry and fundus photography. 
  5. Therapeutic centers (Laser centers) In this center, patients who need Nd: YAG  capsulotomy, Nd: YAG PI, cyclophotocoagultion for uncontrolled painful terminal glaucoma, Nd:YAG Hyaludotomy, focal laser or panretinal photocoagulation are referred to the center and undergo the appropriate therapeutic procedure.
  6. Optical workshop In this center edging and fitting of prescribed glasses are done for those who need low cost glasses.

Patients who need major surgery and inpatient care are admitted and given service.
The department has two operation theatres which are major and minor.
1.Major operation theatre
In this theatre patients who need major surgery are given service. The major surgeries which are done include the following;

  1. SICS +IOL
  2. Phacoemulsification + IOL
  3. Pediatric cataract surgery with primary posterior capsulotomy and anterior vitrectomy
  4. Conventional ECCE + IOL
  5. Scleral fixation IOL
  6. ICCE
  7. Trabeculectomy
  8. CY-PASS insertion
  9. Corneal transplant|
  11. Strabismus surgery
  12. PPV 
  14. Dacryocystorhinostomy
  15. Orbitotomies
  16. Lid reconstruction  surgeries
  17. Probing for congenital NLDO
  18. Exenteration
  19. Evisceration and enucleation with orbital implant 
  20. Blepharoplasty 
  21. Two, three-snip surgeries
  22. Ptergium excision with autograft
  23. Excision of ocular surface and adnexal tumors
  25. Symbelpharon release and graft

2.Minor OR
In this room patients who need minor operation are given service. The minor operations include;

  1. Tarsotomy 
  2. Lid repair
  3. Chalazion curettage 
  4. Lithiasis picking 
  5. Probing and irrigation
  6. Tarsorrhaphy 
  7. Epilation 
  8. Ocular surface foreign body removal
  9. Abscess drainage
  10. Conjunctival  abscission