Dermatology Dept Facilities and Services

Facilities and Services

Jimma university department of dermatovenereology renders different diagnostic and therapeutic services which are organized under Outpatient.
The Department was waiting  to start Inpatient services.
Outpatient services consist of:

  1. Dermatologic triage unit/card room
  2. Clinical assessment and treatment rooms
  3. Pharmacy dispensing unit and the cashier

Clinical services shall be organized close to each other.


•Outpatient Services will be overseen by the clinical coordinator and nurse head of the case team.  He/she  is responsible for all activities  conducted  in the Outpatient unit  including:

  • Patient  triage,
  • Case management 
  •  Diagnostic and therapeutic services.

The outpatient case team encompasses various units which give diagnostic and therapeutic services. In this unit, any patient who is referred from other centers, general patients who are on follow-up (patients who does not need sub-specialty care), and emergency cases are evaluated and managed. Any patient who needs sub-specialty evaluation and  follow-up will be referred to the sub-specialty unit  of Addis Ababa university to be followed at the sub-specialty unit
JU Department of Dermatovenereology has no computer centers, research centers, laboratories, library and online services
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