School of Nursing

About the School

General Information 

  • Official Name: School of Nursing
  • List of Academic Units/Departments: Undergraduate generic nursing, Undergraduate neonatal nursing, Undergraduate operation theatre nursing, Graduate adult health nursing, Graduate maternity nursing
  • List of other coordinating Units: Maternity nursing unit, Adult Health nursing unit and Paediatrics nursing unit

Background Information

In 1983, Gregorian Calendar, Jimma Institute of Health Sciences started clinical Service. In 1989, Ministry of Higher education assigned Students to Diploma program from entire Districts. Then in 1994 G.C, post basic program started. Subsequently in 2003, regular Generic BSc Nurse Program was initiated. Concerning Master’s program Adult health Nursing and Maternity, nursing started 2009 G.C and 2011 G.C Respectively. Final especially BSc Program Operational and Neonatal Nursing started 2016 G.C.

Sharing the vision of Jimma University the school aspired to be centre of excellence in nursing education, Research and patient-centred quality of nursing care. 

The school is committed to training high caliber, motivated and competent Nursing  professionals responsive to the community health problems, adjust themselves to contemporary nursing knowledge through evidence based clinical health services, undertaking quality and problem solving research and community service. 

Strategic Directions:
In near future the school has plan to open different BSc, MSc and PHD programs in nursing. These includes, (Psychiatric Nursing (MSc, BSc), Paediatrics Nursing (MSc, BSc), Emergency and Critical care Nursing (BSc, MSc), Oncologic Nursing (MSc, BSc), palliative care nurse practitioner, ophthalmic Nursing (BSc), and Cardiac care nurse practitioner and two PHD programs in Nursing.