Public Health Faculty

Public Health Faculty

Public Health Faculty is one of the faculties under Institute of Health Jimma University. It has evolved through a series of development and reforms process to reach the current status and provide quality education and services to the community. All staff of the faculty are working in harmony towards the achievement of the set vision and missions of the faculty. We aspire to be one of the best training center of Public Health education in the world by providing outstanding quality education, scholarly research and efficient community services in line with the cherished philosophy of the University, i.e Community Based Education (CBE).

Currently, the faculty runs one BSc, thirteen MPH/MSC and five PhD programs in six departments namely: Environmental Health science and technology, Epidemiology, Health Behavior and society, Health policy and Management, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Population and Family health. . For the successful delivery of both theoretical and practical training, the faculty has three laboratories, two computer center with internet connections for both graduate and undergraduate students in addition to the wireless service accessible across the campus. The Health Science library is open 24 hours for service. As one of the nation’s leading training center for Public Health training, the faculty takes its commitment in educating the next generation of health cadres, public health practitioners, Epidemiologist, and health system managers.

For Our alumni: Your comments and feedback are invaluable. The faculty appreciates any feedback related to the overall and/or specific activities. The continued involvement of our alumni strengthens our faculty performance in particular and Jimma University in general.

For New comers: There is no greater opportunity, responsibility, or obligation given to an individual than being a public health professional in this 21st century where the world faces a longer term challenge in public health workforce that is truly effective. I can assure you that during your stay here at Jimma University, Faculty of Public Health, we will equip you with the appropriate knowledge and skills to successfully fit in the rapidly changing global environment through our scholarly teaching programs coupled with practical activities, research and community engagement.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the Faculty of Public Health, our highly-experienced faculty members, our research activities, and our competitive degree programs. Please feel free to contact us personally if you have further questions or if you would like to visit the office.

Faculty of Public health