Specialty program

Specialty program


  • To enable psychiatry residents, understand principles of, and conduct clinical practice in an ethical and respectful manner.
  • To enable psychiatry residents conduct comprehensive psychiatric assessments in children, adults and the elderly competently, with sensitivity to cultural and gender issues in clinical settings.
  • To enable psychiatry residents, provide high quality psychiatric care to patients with diverse mental health conditions including those who are receiving treatment from non-psychiatrists.
  • To enable the psychiatry residents conduct psychiatric risk assessment and manage psychiatric emergencies effectively.
  • To enable the psychiatry residents to communicate professionally with other medical specialties and to offer liaison psychiatry services.
  • To enable the psychiatry residents, develop research skills so that they design and conduct relevant clinical and community based mental health research.
  • To provide the psychiatry resident with the knowledge, skill and attitude necessary for teaching psychiatry to medical students, residents, and others in health professions
  • To enable the psychiatry residents to develop mental health service programs for primary care and to enable them to install and supervise such programs
  • To enable the psychiatry residents to liaise and cooperate with other agencies who are directly or indirectly involved in mental health issues. (e.g. NGOs, schools, prisons (forensic), self-help groups, patient and relatives organizations, social welfare, old age homes, rehabilitation centers)
  • To improve the human resource capacity of the Department of psychiatry, Jimma University in terms of education, clinical service provision and research.

Entry Requirements: 

  • The applicant must have successfully completed Doctor of Medicine (M.D) or equivalent degree training from a medical school recognized by the Federal Ministry of Health/Education Ethiopia.
  • The applicant must have successfully completed an accredited rotating internship
  • The applicant shall hold a license to practice medicine in Ethiopia
  • The applicant must pass theoretical as well as practical entrance examinations, which will be prepared by the department of psychiatry.
  • The applicant must fulfil the criteria set by the Jimma University’s Senate Legislation for graduate admission.

Duration of Study: _

The residency program in psychiatry shall take three academic years to complete. 

Graduate Profile: 

 After successful completion of the psychiatry residency training, the graduate should be able to:

  • Elicit a comprehensive psychiatric, sociocultural and medical history, and conduct a psychopathological investigation to establish a diagnosis
  • Formulate and implement a treatment plan effectively in collaboration with the patient, his/her family and other health professionals, and utilize the appropriate therapeutic skills;
  • Apply relevant medical technologies whenever necessary
  • Appreciate and investigate the determinants of mental health and mental problems in a given society
  • Conduct research and document epidemiological changes in psychopathology
  • Develop cost effective treatment plans and mental health services as well as utilize resources effectively. 
  • Abide by ethical principles of the profession;
  • Respect patient rights and broader human rights as well as respect the patient’s culture, beliefs and values

Graduation Requirements: 

  • A candidate who abides by the academic and disciplinary regulations of Jimma University, and whose progressive assessment and final examination results are judged to be of sufficient merit shall be recommended to the university senate for the award of Certificate of Specialty in Clinical Psychiatry.

Degree nomenclature:

  • Certificate of Specialty in Clinical Psychiatry shall be awarded to the trainee upon successful completion of the residency training program and approval by the Jimma University Senate.

List and semester breakdown of courses: 
First year residency
*One credit hour is equivalent to 16 -20 hours of lectures or 24 -30 hours of seminars/ tutorials/ practical sessions.

 Course nameCourse codeCredit hours
1.Clinical Psychiatry – IPsyr 72144 weeks
2.Consultation Liaison PsychiatryPsyr 7314 credit hrs
3Research MethodsComH 7312 credit hrs
Second year residency
 Course nameCourse code Credit hours
1.Basic Sciences relevant to PsychiatryPsyr 8013 credit hrs
2.Introduction to statistical soft-waresStat??8011 credit hr
3.Medical Pedagogy 2 credit hrs
4.PsychotherapyPsyr 8113 credit hrs
5.Clinical psychiatry IIPsyr 82231weeks
6.Child and Adolescent PsychiatryPsyr 8318 weeks
Third year residency
 Course / AttachmentCourse codeCredit hours*
      1.Clinical Addiction PsychiatryPsyr 9318 weeks
       2.Forensic PsychiatryPsyr 9328 weeks
       3.NeurologyNeur 9318 weeks
       4.Clinical Psychiatry IIIPsyr 92316 weeks
       5.Research ThesisPsyr 9014 credit hrs