Philosophy of Sciences Degree in Medical Physiology

Philosophy of Sciences Degree in Medical Physiology


  • To train multifaceted and visionary personnel in the field of Medical Physiology who can shoulder responsibilities to demonstrate their knowledge, skill and attitude appropriately.
  • To contribute to the country’s effort to reduce the shortage of direly needed technically proficient human power and enrich the academia (state universities and colleges), public sectors (ministries and health oriented research institutes) and private sectors (non-governmental organizations involved in disease control programs) with high calibre professionals and scientists in Medical physiology.

Entry Requirements

  • Eligible candidates should fulfil the following requirements:
  • Must have MSc degree in Medical Physiology from accredited universities.
  • CGPA at least 3.0 and above or its equivalent in ECTS at the end of her/his graduate studies.
  • A candidate who has done commendable research thesis as a requirement for her/his master’s degree and scored “very good” or “excellent”; AND/OR who has at least 2 publications in reputable journals.
  • A candidate who has MSc degree in Medical Physiology without thesis should have 2 publications in reputable journals AND at least one as a first author.
  • A candidate who has at least 2-years of teaching and research experience in governmental/public higher institutions.
  • Should qualify both oral and written entrance examination with competency of greater than or equal to 75%.
  • Providing copies of the BSc and MSc degrees and official transcripts from universities attended.
  • Providing written recommendation from 3 references that have had sufficient contact with the prospective applicant to judge his/her personal qualities and ability to work with others or independently.
  • Having a support letter and sponsorship from the organization he/she is working for.
  • Presentation of PhD proposal concept note (synopsis) that indicates statement of motivation of the candidate.
  • Age less than or equal to 45 years
  • Fulfil other admission criteria set by the School of Postgraduate Studies of Jimma University.

Duration of Study
The PhD program in Medical Physiology will take four years depending on the nature of the dissertation topic and each year divided into two semesters.
Graduate Profile
 oAt the end of the training, the PhD graduates will have the following knowledge, skill and attitude:

  • Able to conduct basic and advanced teaching of Medical Physiology
  • Able to carry out advanced and problem solving research in Medical Physiology
  • Generate research projects and mobilize research funds from local, national or global sources
  • Able to publish research findings in reputable national and international journals
  • Involved in leadership on public health problems at national and regional level.
  • Develop programs, protocols, standards and guidelines related to Physiology
  • Demonstrate adequate verbal communication skills and delivery of scientific information to the community, colleagues and other professionals

Graduation Requirements

  • All courses must be completed successfully in accordance with the University’s regulations
  • A minimum of cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0 should be scored. 
  • The PhD candidate should score at least ‘B’ letter grade in any course taken.
  • At least two publications in peer-reviewed reputable journals is a requirement
  • Successful defence of the dissertation is an ultimate requirement. 

                  A public defence of the PhD work, evaluated as “Very Good or Excellent” with approval by the examining board.

  • A candidate should also present his/her research findings in at least 2 national or international scientific conferences/symposia.
  • A candidate who fulfils the requirements stated above as per the legislation shall be recommended by the academic commission to the University Senate, through the Office of the Registrar, for the award of the appropriate credential.

Degree nomenclature
On successful completion of the program, the graduate will be awarded the “Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Medical Physiology ”. 
List and semester breakdown of courses

 Year-ICourse No.Cr. HrsECTS
 Advanced Courses   
Semester-IAdvance Research MethodsPubh76823
Philosophy of SciencePubh76123
Systematic Review and Meta-analysis/synthesisPubh80123
Advanced BiostatisticsPubh 81023
Scientific Writing and CommunicationPubh 80411.5
Semester-IIAdvanced Cell and Molecular BiologyBioc 703135
Experimental Physiology MethodsMPhy 704135
Seminar on Recent advance in NeuroscienceMPhy 704323
Seminar on Recent advance in Cardiopulmonary systemMPhy 704223
Semester-ISeminar on Recent advance in Endocrine & ReproductiveMPhy 704423
Seminar on Recent advance in Renal, Fluid & ElectrolyteMPhy 704523
Dissertation Proposal development and defenseMPhy 8051 P/F
Dissertation ExperimentMPhy 805269
Semester-IDoctoral Dissertation Progress Report -I   
Semester-IIDoctoral Dissertation Progress Report -II   
Semester-IDoctoral Dissertation Final Report Submission   
Semester-IIComprehensive Exam Doctoral Dissertation Defense   
TOTAL 44.5