Master of Sciences in Clinical Anatomy (Regular)

Master of Sciences in Clinical Anatomy (Regular)

To train multifaceted and visionary personnel in the field of Clinical Anatomy who can shoulder responsibilities to demonstrate their knowledge, skill and attitude appropriately.
Entry Requirements
Eligible candidates should fulfil the following requirements:

  • First Degree with CGPA at least 2.0 from Biological Science, Health or Basic Sciences including MD, DVM, DDM, Health Officer, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technology, Pharmacy, Anaesthesia.
  • Should qualify the entrance examination with competency (>70%)
  • Fulfil other criteria set by the Higher Education Commission

Duration of Study
The duration of the training program will be completed within two academic years and each year contains two semesters. There will be the possibility of extension to three years based on prevailing circumstances in research
Graduate Profile
  •At the end of the training, the graduate will have the following knowledge, skill and attitude:

  1. Able to conduct basic and advanced teaching of Clinical Human Anatomy
  2. Able to carry out advanced and problem solving research in Clinical Anatomy
  3. Master anatomical concepts and able participate in the rehabilitation of patients with muscular, articular, skeletal problems.

Graduation Requirements

  • All the required courses and the minimum credit hours designed by the department should be covered
  • A minimum of cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0 should be scored
  • No “C” grade (or <60% marks) in any course taken as well as not more than one “C+” shall be recorded.
  • Successful defence of the thesis is an ultimate requirement

Degree nomenclature
On successful completion of the program, the graduate will be awarded the “Degree of Master of Science (MSc) in Clinical Anatomy ”. 
List and semester breakdown of courses

S. NCoursesCourse codeCredit HoursRemark
1.Basics of Anatomy and ExtremitiesAnat.6114 
2.Basics of human Genetics EmbryologyEmb.6113 
3.Basics of HistologyHist.6114 
4.Advanced BiostatisticsCOMH.6113 
    Total    14 


S. NCoursesCourse codeCredit HrRemark
1.Advanced Anatomy of Trunk and BackAnat.6223 
3.Advanced HistologyHist.6223 
4.Basics of PathologyPatho.6122 
5.Microteaching in Anatomy, Histology and Embryology/ Medical pedagogicAnat.632P/F 
6.Clinical attachmentsCLCO.622P/FTwo weeks rotation for each departments of : •       Radiology, •       Surgery, •       Gyny/obsy, •       Pediatrics, •       Neurologyand Psychiatry
Total11+10 weeks 


S. NCoursesCourse codeCredit HoursRemark
1.Advanced Anatomy of Head ,Neck and CNSAnat.7414 
2.Advanced Neurosciences and BehaviorAnat.7515 
4.Research Methods , DataStorage, Processing  and scientificwritingCOMH.7312 
5.Thesis Proposal   
  Total  13 


S. NCoursesCourse codeCredit HoursRemark
1.Recent Advances in Anatomy, Histology and EmbryologyAnat.7622