Department Administration

Management: List of Chairs, coordinators, etc
Department head: Lelisa Sena Dadi (PhD), 
Academic units: the department consists of five academic units:

  1. Epidemiology unit, 
  2. Research methods and data analysis unit, 
  3. Diseases control and prevention and Disaster management unit 
  4. Biostatistics and, Computer  and application software unit, and
  5. Disaster management unit.

Unit coordinators:

  1. Hailu Merga Etea (MPH)- Epidemiology team coordinator
  2. Desta Hiko Gemeda (MPH)- Field epidemiology coordinator
  3. Tamrat Shewanew (MPH)- Disease control and prevention team coordinator.
  4. Abdulhalik Workicho Bushra (PhD) – research methods team coordinators
  5. Masrie Getnet Abate (MSc)- biostatistics, and Computer application software team coordinator,
  6. Ayantu Kebede Olika (MPH) –Disaster management team coordinator.