Faculity of Health Science


Jimma Institute of Health Sciences (JIHS), established in 1983, was of the co-founders of Jimma University in amalgamation with the then Jimma College of Agriculture (JCA) in 1999. Faculty of health sciences is one of the recently established (2017) faculties under the current Institute of health (IH) after splitting the former college of health and medical sciences in to three faculties including the public health faculty and medical sciences faculty
The FHS is the leading center in Ethiopia for training professionals in healthcare fields. It is composed of an integrated body of healthcare programs committed to educating leaders and members of health care team of tomorrow who are knowledgeable, competent and ethical and who are sensitive to the cultural and societal needs of our community. The FHS has four highly acclaimed schools, School of Nursing, school of Pharmacy, school of Medical Laboratory Sciences and school of midwifery. It offers six Bachelor of Science (BSc) programs at the undergraduate level in the field of Nursing, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Sciences and Midwifery. These programs provide the students opportunities to pursue the different health professions and serve their community in the health sector. At Graduate and post graduate entry-level, the FHS offers 14 Masters of Science (MSc) program and 3 PhD programs. These educational programs run in regular platforms. The FHS has over 1200 students population and 200 academic staffs.
Our educational philosophy “we are in the community” lie at the heart of our all health professions curriculum. FHS students practice what we teach hands-on education with clinical patients, trained in the skills laboratories and will be posted at various centers throughout the duration of study. Our students also get hands on experience working on a variety of projects through the flagship and nationally renowned Community Based Education program which is a means of achieving educational relevance to community needs and consists of learning activates that use the community extensively as a learning environment.
Our dynamic and diverse faculty are committed to life-long learning, service, professional engagement and produce graduates who are prepared to enter the rapidly changing healthcare environments of the 21st century built on Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Excellence, and Success. FHS “CARES”.
Moreover, FHS added the value of connecting healthcare, research, education and training. Our strategic themes to realize these is via collaboration between clinic and faculty, i.e. the centers for patient care, schools and the research centers.