Message from the Dean

 On behalf of the college, students and staff, I welcome you to the webpage of the CSSH!

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities, located in the main campus of Jimma University, was restructured into the current shape passing through two development stages. Before the year 2009, there were three independent faculties (Faculty of Education comprising both Social Science and Natural science education, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences comprising departments such as Sociology and Social Work, Psychology, Oromo Folklore and Literature, Governance and Development Studies, and the Faculty of Law). After the year 2009, the former faculty of education was disintegrated into natural sciences and social sciences when the social science wing of the faculty of education was merged with the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the School of Law collectively forming the College of Social Sciences and Law. Again in 2014, the bifurcation into the College of Social Sciences and Humanities and College of Law and Governance came in to effect when the department of psychology joined the college of Education and Behavioral Sciences and Department of Governance and Development Studies and the School of Law jointly formed a separate college (College of Law and Governance).

In its current structure the College of Social Sciences and Humanities comprises 11 well established departments and two Schools. The college is home to about 300 academic and administrative or support staff. With this profile the college is one of the largest colleges in the Jimma University. The college currently has a student population of more than 7000 in all programs.


The College of Social Sciences and Humanities aspires to be the leading college in the country and one of the best in Africa in teaching, research and community services.  


The college’s mission is to produce dedicated high caliber professionals at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The college is committed to produce graduates who can respond to both local and global demands. This would be accomplished through rigorous academic undertakings, combining research, training and community services in the regular, evening, summer-in-service, weekend and distance programs in line with the University’s Community Based Education philosophy. The college is also committed to build close partnerships with local and international partners that share the college`s aspirations.

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities has the broader goals of creating and maintaining conducive institutional environment that promote academic excellence, quality and relevance of teaching and learning, providing students with opportunity to become knowledgeable and productive graduates through self-learning, creativity and innovation.

It also works to develop institutional capacity, system and environment that promote culture of research and scholarship among staff and students of the college, to undertake high quality research that meaningfully contribute to social, economic, environmental and cultural development of the country and humankind in general through creation, expansion and dissemination of knowledge and information.

Moreover, the college is committed to serving the society through effective collaboration with partners that will enable us to promote sustainable economic, social, cultural and environmental development of the community through our teaching, research and service activities.

In addition, I encourage you all to browse our webpage that provides detail profiles and activities of each work units (departments/schools and offices under the college). Lastly, if you have any query about how our programs can help you meet your personal, professional and academic goals please feel free to contact us.

  • Kenate Worku Tabor (PhD, Associate Professor) 
  • Dean, College of Social Sciences and Humanities 
  • Jimma University Main Campus
  • E-mail:; 
  • Tel (Office): +251-471122432
  • Mobile: +251-912-12-09-93 
  • Jimma, Ethiopia