B.A in Oromo Folklore and Literature
M.A in Oromo Folklore
Future plan(strategic direction)
The department has been working meticulously to clean ground for Oromo cultural studies and with its incessant efforts up to now, it has launched MA program in Oromo Folklore and Cultural Studies in 2012 by which 14 first batches, 6 second batch, 5 third batch, 6 fourth batch 6 fifth batch and 5 seven batch are undertaking their study. In 2018, the MA program syllabus is revised and the title of the degree is modified from MA in ‘Oromo Folklore and Cultural Studies’ to MA in ‘Oromo Folklore’.  The department has also played a vital role in establishing Institute of Oromo Studies (JU-IOS) in collaboration with Afaan Oromo and other sister departments as well as concerned bodies who have the interest and devotion for the development of Oromo Culture, History and Language. The department is also dedicated to launch PhD program in Oromo Cultural Studies/ Oromo Folklore and indigenous knowledge by 2021. Furthermore, the department has the prospect plan to establish Archival and Documentation Center in JU.