Program  (BA in Theater Arts)

Program learning outcomes

General Learning outcomes:

The program designed to train an undergraduate degree in theater arts. The general learning outcomes of the Jimma University’s theater arts department are:

Train theatre artists for cultural industries like playhouse, film industries entertainment, promotion and the mass media;

Train theater professionals: dramatists, actors, directors, dramatic critics and junior researchers in the field of theater arts and film-making; acting, design, technical theater, management, playwriting, or dramaturgy, and

Train theater   and literary experts who can serve as promoters of drama and literature.

Specific Learning outcomes

Training translators of dramatic works; 

Educate theater artists for cultural industries for example for playhouse train directors, playwright, actors, designers theater technology, and stage and theater managers, producers, and to film industries train in cinematic technique, electronic media, movie-making, & cinematography in pre-production; and train professionals  to entertainment, promotion and the mass media;

Preparing conferences on dramatic and literary productions; 

Provide capacity building schemes to theater professionals and amateur artists; and 

Enhancing the artistic and cultural awareness of the University community in general and of        the University students in particular; 

Training entertainment journalists

Professional Profile

The theater art professional is expected to have the following skills and responsibilities

•Conducts research in the areas of theater arts and electronic media dramas.

•Conduct research on social, historical, cultural, political, and economic issues for example cultural issues like performing folk arts, rituals, festivals and transform into performed on the stage production (traditional drama)/brings into staged.

•Make having the ability to presents theater production; produce plays 

•Make a film in an international production industry’s requirement.

•Manage skills in theater and film productions.

•Organizes and facilitates workshops, seminars, and festivals; 

•Criticizes, analyses and reviews TV, radio, and stage dramas; 

•Continues professional development, updated in the field, and assimilate/stimulate knowledge and skills for others. 

Graduate Profile 

A graduate of Theater Arts Department is expected to be able to:

Ø Write plays for stage; 

Ø Write radio drama; 

Ø Write for screen media; 

Ø Direct plays for stage, 

Ø Direct Radio drama; 

Ø Direct screen media; 

Ø Acts on stage; 

Ø Acts for radio; 

Ø Act screen plays; 

Ø Conduct researches in the areas of theater, film, television &radio drama; 

Ø Evaluate and appreciate scripts as well as productions; 

Ø Conduct training on theater, film, television & radio drama

Ø Produce stage theater, film,  television & radio drama 

Ø Translate and adapt plays; 

Ø Produce and broadcast theater and screen productions for mass media; and 

Ø Prepare workshop on basic steps of Ethiopian traditional dance, children & youth theater and

Ø Produce different medium of broadcast programs.   

Program Profile 

•Duration of the study

The program takes four years with eight successive semesters for students to complete their study. 

•Admission requirements 

Students admitted directly from secondary school are required to meet the national higher education enrollment criteria of that year. Students placed to the college of social sciences and humanities can join the program on competitive base, and the department should prove students talent through audition and written examination.

•Graduation Requirements

Students registered in the Department must take a total of 240 ECTS. A student is required to have a minimum CGPA of 2.00 upon graduation without any Fx and F grade in any of the modules/courses.

•Degree Nomenclature

Upon graduation, students shall be offered a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Degree in Theater Arts. The degree nomenclature in Amharic shall be “የአርትባቸለርድግሪበትያትርጥበባት”.