Social Science MA Programs

MA programs

  1. MA in Afan Oromo Language & Literature (Teaching)
  2. MA in Amharic Language & Literature (Teaching)
  3. MA in Applied Linguistics and Development Communications
  4. MA in Applied Linguistics in Ethiopian Languages & Cultural Studies
  5. MA in Broadcast Journalism
  6. MA in Development Anthropology and Indigenous Knowledge 
  7. MA in Ethiopian Literature & Folklore 
  8. MA in History 
  9. MA in Intercultural Communications and Public Diplomacy
  10. MA in Land Resource Analysis & Management
  11. MA in Literature
  12. MA in Oromo Folklore & Cultural Studies
  13. MA in Print and Online Journalism
  14. MA in Public Relations and Corporate Communications 
  15. MA in Social Anthropology
  16. MA in Socio-cultural Linguistics
  17. MA in Sociology of Family and Gender
  18. MA in Sociology (Specialization in Social policy)
  19. MA in Social Work
  20. MA in Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL)
  21. MA in Urban and Regional Development Planning
  22. MSc in Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing (GIS)