There are three different programmers that the Department currently runs in different modalities. There is one BA program and 2 MA programs. The PG programs include MA in Sociology (Specialization in Social Policy) and MA in Sociology (Family and Gender Stream). All the Postgraduate programs are available at regular, weekend, evening, and summer, while the BA program is delivered in regular and distance modalities. The undergraduate program of the Department of Sociology in Jimma University is aimed to train students for three consecutive years to award them with Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Sociology. The program is intended to equip students with the following knowledge and skills which makes them competent professionals.

Vision:-Our vision is to see a social world in which all human beings are equally treated without discrimination, without stereotypes, and with social justice. For this purpose, the department would desire to see itself as one of the best social science disciplines in the country. 

The Mission:-The mission of Sociology is directly serving people in need and making social institutions more responsive to human beings to bring social change and social development.

The Philosophy:-Improvising individuals to pursue their personal or group aspirations in society has paramount importance for social change and transformations, the department strongly believe that “we can get many hands to works as there will apparently survive many mouths to feed.” Our Principles

Equality of opportunity

Social justice and

Equitable distribution of all privileges for our students to exercise it in the world of work indeed, as for as these values cannot be in competed in the societal structure, social betterment will be an “ideal type”

Objectives:-The Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology is therefore expected to accomplish the following specific objectives: –

Ø  Prove the students with an increased Sociological understanding of groups, institutions, communities and societies;

Ø  Enable the student to think critically and communicate effectively in the field of Sociology;

Ø  Provide the trainees with the ethical issues in and the codes of ethics in Sociology so that they can apply it in the world of work;

Ø  Equip the students with necessary research and Sociological practices knowledge so that they can effectively employ it to solve societal problems; and

Ø  Provide the trainees with the skills and qualifications needed to obtain employment opportunities different social institutions related and human service organizations

Ø  To equip student with different sociological skills and knowledge supported by sociological practices in solving the social problems of the country who can prove the potential with country’s reality.

Status and Features:-As per this aim, the department of sociology and social work appeared to revitalize the current poverty reduction dreams of the country. Currently, the department can enroll both undergraduate and postgraduate students in regular classes and continuing programs. The program being run currently under the department is here be

Ø  Program under the Department of Sociology 

No.Name of ProgramLevelEnroll type
  1    SociologyBA DegreeRegular and continuing
2SociologySpecialization in Social PolicyMA DegreeRegular, Evening, Weekend, and Summer
Family and Gender Stream

In fact, it is the most demanded department in the university, because we have developed a team-teaching spirit among staff members and the active learning methods for students. The students of the department will be one of the influential assets for the country that help the university in general and the College in particular to empower the needy community. The department is currently in service with one associate professor, four assistant professors, twelve lecturers, four graduate assistants pursuing their Master’s studies, and one honorary staff member with the rank of professor in Sociology.