Facilities and Services

The college of Social Sciences and Humanities has a wide variety of facilities that assist students to gain a quality education. The college has its own building furnished with facilities for staff and administration. Students of the college use the Social Sciences Library and the library of the Institute of Oromo Studies. The libraries are equipped with paper-based books and electronic journals and internet facilities. The college also possesses more than 26 smart classrooms equipped with LCD, computer laboratories for undergraduate and postgraduate students, Language laboratory, GIS laboratories for undergraduate and postgraduate students, audiovisual Studios, well-equipped e-learning center, meeting and multipurpose halls, and archive center.

There are many facilities in the College that would enable the teaching staff to execute the teaching-learning process, research undertakings, and community services. Some of these facilities include:Laboratories:
The following laboratories are being used for teaching-learning processes of both postgraduate and undergraduate students as well as research activities of various disciplines:

  • GIS Laboratories
  • E-Learning Center
  • Audiovisual Lab
  • Multi-Purpose Computer Lab
  • English language Lab
  • MA Computer Lab
  • Musiacial rehaersal Center
  • Theatre Rehearsal Space

Other facilities and Services:

  • Library
  • Smart Classrooms 
  • E-Learning Room
  • PC rooms, computers with an internet connection
  • Ac Hall
  • Meeting Hall