About the Department

Anthropology is extremely diverse subject that provides multifaceted information and an excitement in learning for students. It gives learners the basic insights that a thoughtful student ought to have as part of a contemporary liberal education. These include not only facts and theories but, most importantly, the anthropological attitudes of commitment to understanding and appreciating cultural diversity. This will prepare students to live in a culturally diverse and increasingly interdependent world. In Jimma University, Social Anthropology has been among the building blocks which makeup the former department of Sociology and Social Work which was gradually divided into three disciplines: Sociology, Social Work, & Social Anthropology. In previous arrangement, the discipline was pioneer in launching graduate studies, namely M.A program in Social Anthropology, which has been graduating competent professionals since the year 2007. Profiles and valued engagements of senior anthropologists have also been very useful to department of Sociology in its attempt to start M.A program in Sociology and Social Policy.  Upon the decision to exercise autonomy, department of Social Anthropology has accepted and admitted undergraduate program students—inter alia, aiming to feed sectors needing professional anthropologists and to ensure sustainability of graduate programs administered.  Currently, our department has B.A program in Social Anthropology, M.A program in Social Anthropology, and M.A program in Development Anthropology and Indigenous Knowledge in regular-cum-CDE modalities. The profession has also recently received attention from the government which was revealed in ways including the inclusion of Anthropology as a common course to be offered to all disciplines throughout public and private higher educational institutions administered under the Ministry of Science and Higher Education [MoSHE].  Admission Criteria
For the undergraduate program, students should fulfil cut point and additional requirements, if any, set by the ministry office. For postgraduate program, applicants should fulfil, inter alia, the followings: -First degree completed in Social Anthropology, Sociology, Social Work, History and language studies, -Cut point set by relevant organs,  -Promotion on entrance exam and interview. Nomenclature, Duration & Graduation Requirements
For Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Anthropology, till the year 2011, 3 years were compulsory to graduate. As of 2012, however, one year is added; hence to receive BA degree in Social Anthropology, 4 years [8 semesters] of consecutive progress is a requirement.  For Master of Arts Degree in Social Anthropology, 2 years [4 semesters] of consecutive progress is the required duration.

External Links

Department of Social Anthropology has initial-link with the following national and international institutions.

  • Ministry, Regional and Town office of Culture & Tourism  
  • The Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology (Halle, Germany) 
  • International Academy of Positive Psychotherapy (Wiesbaden, Germany)
  • Frobenius-Institut Für KulturAnthropologische Forschung An Der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt (Germany).