Women’s and Youth Affairs

One of the coordinating offices found under the College of Social Science and Humanities is Women’s and Youth Affairs Coordinator Office which was established in April, 2011 to ensure that gender issues are mainstreamed in the activities of the college and departments, ultimately to come up with a University Community that is free from gender based violence. This Women and Youth Affairs office is directly accountable to College of Social Science and Humanities dean office and indirectly to the University’s Women and Youth Affairs directorate office. Concerning the staff profile, the office is run by one gender focal person with the qualification of MA in Afan Oromo and Literature who is also among academic staff member of the college.   Vision The vision of this Women’s and Youth Affairs Coordinator Office is to create generation which capable of accepting, understanding, believing and acting in favors of gender equality where the rights and benefits of the two genders are ensured and equity in all areas of the university.   Mission The mission of CSSH’s Women’s and Youth Affairs Coordinator Office is to make every effort to attain and create an environment where all of the different genders found in the college as well as in the university could be equally assertive, competitive, and empowered academically and socially through implementation of gender sensitive policies and strategies.   Objectives

  • Reducing gender gap by creating gender sensitive academic environment.
  • Enhance female students’ academic performance through different mechanisms.
  • Working towards solving gender related problems of the colleges female students and the university community.
  • To ensure all systems of the college as well as the University at large are gender responsive and sensitive

Services provided by CSSH’s Women’s and Youth Affairs Coordinator Office

  • Preparing welcome program for female students
  • Organizing tutorial programs for female students on selected courses
  • Delivering short term trainings on self esteem &assertiveness ,study skill , life skills   and Gender related  Issues
  • Provision of guidance and counseling service to female students  
  • Motivating and awarding female students with good academic achievement every semester
  • Preparing and disseminating posters having the photos of female students who have good CGPA 
  • Organizing awareness raising trainings, forums and events for students and staffs

 Future plan

  • Conducting further trainings, workshops and panel discussions on gender and gender issues with the college students, the university staffs, community members and other concerned bodies.
  • Organizing income generating activities to support low earning students of the college
  • Organizing experience sharing events among high school female students and the college’s female students and female instructors.
  • Empowering the college’s female students to enhance their academic performance
  • Participate in development of anti female harassment policy of the university 

Contact Address

  • Women’s and Youth Affairs Coordinator Office 
  • Phone No. +251472115520 
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Building 23rd floor  
  • Office No. 202 A
  • Jimma University (Main campus)
  • Jimma, Ethiopia