Facilities and Services

Department Facilities

Conducting Theater arts education without Theatrical material is unthinkable. Due to this, for the successful running of the program the following human and material resource are basic to open the program at any universities. And so, equipment essential for the department separately must fulfill to the three units’ theater stage dram stream, film and TV drama stream and media steam.Theater hall and furnished with Modern theater stage and its full stage properties. (Audiovisual equipment/ for audio-visual skills on theater, stage & screen productions) different kind  of  video camera, tripod, video recorders (VCR), video deck, television, lights, tape recorders, sound equipment with full accessories and electronic materials to stagecraft…etc. 

Different Sorts of Video photo and sound editing machines and software; Desktop computers more than 25; Laptops; Audiovisual room; Theater lab (acting and rehearsal room); Scene, lighting and sound design room, costume, makeup, and dressing room; Traditional and modern costumes, make ups, carpets, household materials and furniture, stage properties, castels (decorations), hammers, sows, nails, ladders, rooms, puppets, cartoons, woods, paints, brushes and masks etc ;Books, journals, articles, periodicals, proceedings, Cinema LCD projectors Classrooms, Offices for the department and staff, meeting rooms, department library; Office furniture; Field equipment, Resource center (Store)  etc…should fulfilled.