Students’ Affair and Registrar

The history of the Office of Students’ Affair and Registrar of the College of Social Sciences and Law may go back to some seven years before the present, i.e. around 2006/7,   during which time independent registrar offices were set up for each of the then three separate institutes which later formed the present College of Social Sciences and Law: Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Education (particularly Social Science Departments) and School of Law. As per the new proposal of the Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) plan of the University, however, these separate institutes were brought together under a single institute, College of Social Sciences and Law, in 2009.  It was with the merging of these separate institutes under the single college, College of Social Sciences and Law, that their respective independent registrar offices were also brought together to form today’s “Office of Students’ Affair and Registrar” of the College of Social Sciences and Law in the same year of 2009. By the new arrangement, the office is entrusted to entertain academic issues of the college students in addition to the regular registrar office tasks, and it is made accountable to the Dean of the college for the close supervision and smooth running of its service delivery.

General Objective:
 –    To administer students’ academic issues and manage their academic records.
Specific Objectives:
–    To develop and monitor strategic plan and different guidelines related to student services in the college.
–    To plan on intake capacity of the college based on the available resources.
–    To ensure that all academic programs of the college are properly announced to students.
–    To ensure that students are well oriented and get registered.
–    To ensure that student  records are properly administered.
–    To check that all applications are valid, selections are made and also properly communicated.
–    To ensure and support graduation approval.
–    To ensure that graduates get proper career guidance and have secured jobs.
–    To assist students get affordable, clean dormitory and cafeteria services.
–    To ensure that the existing student building halls are properly administered.
–    To ensure that students get proper counseling, health care and treatment and ambulance services.
–    To ensure that proper sports, cultural and recreational logistics are accessible to students.
–    To provide appropriate support to student organizations and clubs.

The office service is delivered by one Office Coordinator, one Record Officer, twelve Record Keepers and one office girl, and the service is provided to both regular, evening, weekend, summer and distance undergraduate and graduate program students.     

    Staff Profile

The office service is delivered by one co- coordinator with Assistant Professor qualification, one assistant officer, nine record keepers and two office girls.    

   Student Profile

Since its establishment in 2009(2001 E.C), the College Coordinating Office of Students’ Affair and Registrar has enrolled more than 15,000 students in both of the five programs: Regular, Summer, Weekend, Evening and Distance (Both graduate and undergraduate).  Below is presented the post 2015 student statistics as per each program, academic year and department: