About the Department

Official name of the program “Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts (Visual Arts)”

 Background of Visual art department

Art most simply and usually defined is an attempt to create pleasing forms to satisfy the beauty and essences of beauty we are able to appreciate. This is done in unity with harmony and formal relations among our senses and perceptions. Art must play a role in the improvement of our collective existence. So long as there are political wrongs to be righted and/or unjust or ugly social conditions requiring change, art must participate through visual education and persuasion in the development of popular attitudes. These behaviors can lead eventually to a better society. The work of art “moves” us. It is believed that art is so much more significant than economics or philosophy. It is the direct measure of man and his spiritual and ideological vision.

Art in Ethiopia is embedded in a long tradition of expressions of cultural significant aspects in religious structures, social traditions and hierarchies and less in individual expressions. Art in Ethiopia reflects the social awareness relations between groups, specific societies and different layers in the society. For the North of Ethiopia the arts of the past relate to the formal Axumites traditions and its trading relations between the Near East, Persia, Greece and the Arabian Countries, the strongly religious traditions and the specific qualities of the natural surroundings are related to their arts. Developments of fine handicrafts, bookmaking, silver and metal work, stone carving, wall painting and the iconography are part of that tradition. Describing a new curriculum for Visual Art acknowledges these historical important aspects and taken in consideration.Students finishing their 4 year B.A in Visual Art will be independent professional artists who are able to build up and create their own job individual or in relationwith organizations and companies. They will be Artists who are individual creative thinkers and designers, with team spirit and highly motivated.The students will develop in Artists who know their cultural background but also are able to transfer these characteristics in new Ethiopian Art with international chances.

They can take initiative, start projects, present their work and can assist in Education.

VisionTo develop a free climate of Creating, Expressing, Designing and Learning in Visual Art in Ethiopia. To show the society that art can make one aware, can give enjoyment, can feed societies initiatives, can reflect and mirror the process of societies development and can be the protector of the cultural diversity in Ethiopia. This Art creating and teaching of the J.U will reach further than Ethiopia’s own boarders to emphasize a respectful presentation of Ethiopians contemporary artists all over the world.

Mission:With creating Art, using many skills and in attention for design, build an atmosphere of respect for all cultures and individuals and with the aim to make awareness, give reflection and show aesthetics experience. To give students the opportunity to view on a new Ethiopian society and Culture that will be reflected in their Visual Art. Through this form of creating and learning the J.U. wants to reach a climate of artprocessing that reaches beyond own boarders and can present the arts of contemporary Ethiopia all over the world.

Strategic Direction: The department follows a participatory direction in order to achieve its goal as Art is from the society to the society we work and live in, the teaching learning process have to be inclusive of every stockholders , the community, the culture and tourism bureau, the students, the management of the university  In order to achieve the sets we goal.

Admission Criteria

Potential candidates who join the Department should fulfill the entire criterion:Scoring pass mark in preparatory examination as per EFDR Ministry of Education regulations; Those who have earned diploma from teachers training institutions like TTC in Visual Arts or any directly related fields and have the tendency or potential to understand color, lines, forms and understand visual communication. Any diploma holders in any field of study and encompass interest to study Painting, Sculpture, Graphic art and Multimedia and have qualifications or certifications at post high school level are also eligible. 

Ø  Candidates need to successfully demonstrate their talent through an audition. The audition would normally be conducted on the basis of the department.

Ø  Students are admitted to B.A Degree in Visual Arts program on the basis of interest; and capacity for Arts study as indicated by their academic records, performance in the interview or another method of assortment and Art experience. Selection is done through a multi-mode, multi-criterion. Candidate’s academic records, references, interviews and work experiences will also be considered.

Ø  The study needs naturally gifted and interested entrant; is compulsory for all of the candidates

Admission requirements for Diploma holders in music from similar institutions or colleges:

Ø  A candidate should bear original diploma in music

Ø  A candidate should successfully score a pass mark in the entrance exam to be administrate his/her previous Major area by the school

Ø  Applicant should meet all the application requirement of the institution