ICT and E-learning


The mission of the ICT and eLearning coordinating office is to play a major enabling role in strengthening the operational missions of the CSSH, whereby the learning-teaching, research and innovation, community engagements and administrations activities of the college are carried out by utilizing the resources and services efficiently and effectively.


Make the college a high-tech university, which integrates ICT and eLearning in all aspects of its activities.

Major tasks /objectives of CSSH, ICT and eLearning

The core objectives of the ICT and eLearning coordinating office are to address key ICT infrastructural and user support services. These include:- 

    • ICT Infrastructures and services enhancement and expansion to enable technology-enhanced education and innovation.
    • Install new software and hardware for the college users.
    • Secure, security code and ensure the safe set up of new equipment.
    • Set up equipment such as laptops, data projectors, interactive whiteboards, sound systems and other specialist ICT equipment, ensuring that systems are ready for use and operating correctly.  
    • Deliver hardware and resources to work areas and classrooms as required.
    • Develop a maintenance schedule for all computer hardware, software and networks, and ensure that it is followed.
    • Detect, diagnose and resolve most PC, printer and peripheral device faults.
    • Maintain electronic mail accounts and implement where appropriate.  
    • Provide advice, guidance and assistance to teachers, pupils and other members of staff on developing their use of ICT in CSSH.
    • Identify software, hardware and working practices required to fulfil the functional specification as defined by CSSH staff.
    • Assist in planning and implementing changes to elements of the ICT service as required.
    • Ensure the safe disposal of obsolete equipment, used consumables and waste materials in line with recognized procedures and legal requirements.
    • Supporting eLearning in the CSSH.

Contact Address

  • ICT and eLearning Coordinating office  Phone No. +251472115473 
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Building 3rd floor  Office No. 314 A
  • Jimma University (Main campus)
  • Jimma, Ethiopia