Aschalew Terefe Refu

Aschalew Terefe Refu



  1. Personal Information
  • Full Name: Aschalew Terefe Refu
  • Title: Mr.
  • Nationality: Ethiopian
  • Academic Rank:  Assistant Professor
  • Department: Psychology
  • College/Institute : Education & Behavioral Sciences
  1. Publications
  • Bonsa S., Aschalew T. (2019). Orphan children’s school performance, Hindering challenges and the role the school (In the case of some selected primary schools in Ilubabor Zone, Ethiopia).  DOI: 10.18415/ijmmu.v6i3.582
  • Aemero A. & Aschalew T. (2020). Teachers self-perceived skills as a function of Gender and teaching experiences in classroom assessment. International Journal of Progressive Education, v16 n1 p11-24 2020.  DOI: 10.29329/ijpe.2020.228.2
  • Aschalew T. & Aemero A. (2018). Challenges in Assessment Methods and Practices across Departments by Secondary School Teachers in the South West Shoa Zone, Ethiopia.
  1. Research Interests
  • Educational Assessment and Evaluation
  • Educational Psychology
  • Psychology of Learning
  1. Contact Details
  • Email:
  •  Tel : +251911334700/+251974697516


Phone: +251911334700/+251974697516