College of Education and Behavioral Science (CEBS) was established as Institute of Education and Professional Development Studies in the year 2010 following business process reengineering in the university. The Institute is meant to run both regular teaching and the University’s continuous professional development progrms for both the academic and administrative staffs. In 2014, the institute was upgraded to a collage level. Presently it is called College of Education and Behavioral Sciences. It has three  undergraduate programs, two post graduate diploma programs, two postgraduate certificate programs and eleven post graduate programs. Moreover, the college runs many other short term professional development programs. 

College of Education and Behavioral Science is dedicated to advance educational development through training, knowledge generation and service delivery. The college trains graduates at undergraduate, post graduate diploma and and post graduate certificate levels in varies areas of Education.  Currently, College of Education and Behavioral Science runs three bachelor programs, seven masters programs, two postgraduate diploma and certificate programs and four PhD programs. It has over 4000 student population, 62 academic and 51 administrative staffs. It runs educational programs in regular, in-service and distance programs. We have also different short tem professional development training programs. The college advocates the values of educational quality,relevance, transparency, social accountability, gender sensitivity, equity, community participation and empowerment.  Our educational philosophy is “we are in the community” where our students are  engaged in  community in our training programs, research activities and community services. College of Education and Behavioral Science comprises of four departments in the fields of Education and psychology namely; Educational Planning and Management, Psychology, Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies and Special Needs and Inclusive Education. The College also has three professional development training centers namely, Higher Diploma Program (HDP), Academic Development Resource Center (ADRC) and English Language Improvement Program (ELIC).