About the department

The Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies is one of the four departments under the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences established, in the year 2014(2006 E.C). The department has been running a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching (PGDT) and MA in regular program in the field of Curriculum and Instruction and PhD in regular program in the field of Curriculum and Instruction.

Historically,  the former Educational Faculty of Jimma University has traveled a long journey in training teacher educators and teachers mainly for secondary level education since its foundation in 2001. One of the departments of the faculty was Pedagogy department offering professional courses across other subject area departments. It is also obvious that, the department was hosting Educational Planning and Management (EdPM) department till the introduction of the new program (70%:30% ratio intake approach). 

Following the new curricula approach, Education faculty get dissolved and later on Institute of Education and professional development studies has been established by the University. Since then the Institute has been engaged in sensible educational activities such as trainings, capacity buildings, research and the like. Among its effort and consequent achievements, EdPM department raised its program to master’s degree level, hosts Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching (PGDT) program coordinates Higher Diploma Program (HDP), and Academic Development Resource Center (ADRC) which are serving as the only centers for teaching profession skill development at University level.

The programs under the Institute are composed of Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching/for Teachers, and Educational Planning and Management (both undergraduate and post graduate level). The programs are aimed at producing competent and committed professionals who are expected to serve different purposes in the areas of education. To make it explicit, PGDT graduates are qualified to work in the secondary schools by making the instructional process learner-centered that will lead to the production of problem solving citizens.

Besides, the Institute by its unique nature is contributing its part to the University’s commitment in the area of competency building in terms of knowledge and skills. Thus, with its improved structure including teacher education and curriculum studies department, given its rich experiences in teacher education and the current human resource demand in the sector has become critical to launch post graduate program in curriculum and instruction. Currently, the Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies has four Associate professors with PhD, Five Assistant Professor with PhD, Six Assistant Professors and Three Lecturer staffs.