English Language Improvement Center

Full Name: Dagne Tiruneh Dinsa

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

College/Institute: Social Sciences and Humanities

Department: English Language and Literature

Field of Specialization: TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language)

English Language Improvement Center (JU-ELIC)

Background Information:

JU-ELIC as a cell has been established in the then College of Education around 2000 E.C. It was established from learned experience gained from Oromia education Bureau. There was a big campaign to upgrade the English proficiency of all high school teachers who use English as a medium of instruction to teach their respective subjects. Though campaign was nationwide, the experience of Oromia for some reasons was exemplary. This inspired individuals who joined JU to establish ELIC and started to train all the English Language and Literature staff with objective of introducing reflective teaching and learning approach, and valuing students’ background as a source of knowledge. 

Core Objectives:-

The program was designed primarily to:


  • Improve instructors’ English both professionally as teachers, and personally as Ethiopians who gain greater self- esteem,
  • Gain knowledge and  awareness of the world through increased proficiency in English,
  • Acquire skills in presenting their subject with reflective, flexible, humanistic, etc., approaches to the learners.
  • Support university students struggling to improve their English, female with special attention. offer trainings to  supportive,  academic staff, and graduating students

Roles & Responsibilities: – The role of the centre is:

  • to produce material for the trainings
  • organize trainings
  • facilitate certificates
  • establish clubs

Achievements so far: The centre has:

  • trained  more than 40 English language instructors as trainers,
  • trained around 25 academic staff ,
  •  offered trainings to  over 35 secretaries and other supportive staff;
  • offered career trainings to different graduating classes offered trainings to  around 300 PGDT graduates  in rounds, to mention  a few.

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