ICT and E-Learning

First Name: Desalegn Garuma Adeba 

Academic Rank: Lecturer (PhD candidate at AAU)

College/Institute: College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Department/Team: Psychology 

Coordinating Office of ICT and E-Learning

Background information

The Information Communication Technology and E-learning coordinating office in the college of Education and Behavioral Sciences was established in the year 2014. The office is responsible to support the achievements of the missions of the college in facilitating its activities by supporting it with technology. The office is responsible for keeping abreast of emerging developments in the use of ICT in education. It also coordinates and facilitates online development and delivery of courses in the college. 


The main objectives of the ICT and E-Learning coordinating office are:

  • Provides an outstanding support provision in the usage of ICT equipment and services to enable outstanding teaching and learning and college administration
  • Provide some maintenance of technology hardware (desktop PCs, laptop/tablet PCs, Interactive Whiteboards, projectors and associated peripherals), and the installation and maintenance of technology software.
  • Ensuring efficient use of computer  lab by students
  • Strive to fully equipped and functional computer labs
  • Arranging awareness raising orientation for college students to use ICT resources mainly for academic purpose
  • Providing technology integration training for teachers (in collaboration with University E-Learning coordinating office and ICT director office) 
  • Training college teachers on how to work with the e-learning moodle (in collaboration with ICT director and University E-Learning coordinating office)
  • Training college students  on how to work with the e-learning moodle (in collaboration with ICT director  and University E-Learning coordinating office)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensuring all computer and ICT equipment is in suitable working condition and that all necessary supplies are available for use 
  • Develop and where necessary assist in delivering the ICT training programs.
  • Contribute to online development and implementation of teaching materials, assessments, and tools to produce high quality, usable and accessible online courses complying with agreed format, standards and templates of the university
  • Take a lead on provision of training and professional support in use of online technology and effective online learning and teaching approaches ensuring of their correct and efficient application by students, course tutors and academic authors
  •  Contribute to learning design and redesign of courses and materials, including selection of best practice in online pedagogy and tools and their evaluation with staff and students
  • Respond or coordinate a timely response to daily (and often urgent) technical queries or problems from students, academic and administration staffs.
  • Supports the college with expertise and abilities outside and inside the classroom for teachers in the integration of technology into the classroom and the curriculum to support the teaching and learning process.
  • Manage the college’s online presence and keep the different sites and services up-to-date.
  • Ensure  the effective functioning of all IT Systems in collaboration with the main ICT Director office

Strategic Direction

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and E-learning Coordinating office of the college of Education and Behavioral Sciences will strive for ensuring technology enables and enhances the college’s strategic objectives and facilitates all users achieving their operational priorities. This will include supporting and developing systems and staff, and maintaining and developing all internal, hosted and virtualized IT infrastructures alongside the University IT support system. 


  • P. O. Box: 378
  • Office Tel.: +251-471122440
  • Cell Phone: +251948989796
  • Fax: +251-471122433
  • E-mail Address:   dasalegngar@yahoo.com