Community Based Education and Partnership

Name: Dereje Dakessa
Academic Rank: Assistant Professor
College/Institute: College of Education and Behavioral Sciences
Department/Team: Educational planning and management

Coordinating Office of Community Based Education and Partnership

Background information

Community based education and partnership office is one of the coordinating offices in the college of education and behavioral sciences of Jimma University that predominantly works in linking with the community. Community Based Education (CBE)  is the philosophy of Jimma University. CBE is a means of achieving educational relevance to the community needs. To achieve its objectives, it implements a community oriented educational programs which consists of learning activities that uses the community extensively as a learning environment, in which not only students but also teachers, members of the community and representatives of other sectors and stakeholders are actively involved throughout the educational experiences.


General Objective

The general objectives of community based education program include:

  • Produce competent professionals who are responsive to the felt needs of the community through development approach and contribute to improve the livelihood of society by involving the community and stakeholders in community development.
  • Produce professionals who are socially accountable and ensure lifelong learning in the community through integrating training , research and serves in the community   


Specific objectives


  • The specific objectives of the community based education program include:
  • Redirect the learning approach to focus on population, groups and individuals, taking into  account the development needs of the community involved
  • Train competent professionals who are  responsive to the felt  needs of the society
  • Demonstrate social accountability by initiating or participating in training, research and services at local, national and international levels
  • Produce new professionals who are responsive to the development needs of society
  • Empower the community to address its development needs within the local resources.
  • Work with government and non-government organizations to improve the livelihood  of the community through a people-centered approach 
  • Promote development through a multi-disciplinary team approach
  • Conduct community-based research to solve societal problems.

 Strategies of CBE and Partnership

The strategies of CBE in the college of Education and Behavioral Science operate through three strategies which are expected to take 20% of time allotted for the overall curricula. These strategies are the following:

  1. Community Based Education Program (CBTP)
  2. Development Team Training Program (DTTP)
  3. Community Based Students Research Program( SRP)


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