Wubshet Kassa Wubie

Wubshet Kassa Wubie


Hospitality and Tourism Management

 Full name:  



Wubshet Kassa Wubie




Academic Rank: Lecturer
Level of education & Specialization: Masters of Tourism development and  management


Business and Economics
Professional experiences: Five Year
Leadership experience  

  1. _____________________
  2. _____________________
  3. _____________________                 etc


Research Interest
  1. Ecotourism and Wildlife management
  2. Tourism and hospitality marketing
  3. Destination management and development , etc
On-going researches
  1. Destination image and level tourist satisfaction in Adiss Ababa tourist attractions
  2. _____________________
  3. _____________________, etc


List of Publications written properly (may be as APA citation style):


Eg: 1. Influences of Marketing Mix Elements on Ecotourism Clientele – Jimma Zone, Southwest Ethiopia



Membership in any associations and related committee, councils, groups:


  1. Ethiopian tourism professionals Association(ETPA)
  2. __________________, etc
Training and workshop participation and other performance certificates:



  1. Certificate award for providing intensive professional training for Jimma Zone tourism and hospitality professionals
  2. Certificate award for providing on the job training for Jimma university student cafeteria workers, etc
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Wubshet2008@gmail.com and or wubshet143@gmail.com



Phone: +251921964715 +251472115887

Email: Wubshet2008@gmail.com and or wubshet143@gmail.com