Women and Youth Affair

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Organize, monitor and evaluate the tutorial support and the remedial action program of the respective college
  • Arrange training and panel discussions to female students in their college
  • Organize capacity building initiatives to female students
  • Give training on Gender and gender related issues to female students by consulting the Director of Women’s Affairs Office
  • Give Guidance and counselling to female students
  • Identify economically needy female students and report to the Director of Women’s Affairs Office
  • Fight sexual harassment and gender bias in general in her respective college 
  • Identify and handle the problem of female students
  • Solve academic issues raised by female students in collaboration with concerned bodies
  • Organize female instructors of the college and work together concerning female students’ issues.
  • Identify female students with high potential and creative mind and report to the Director of Women’s Affairs Office
  • Collect female students grade from the registrar every semester and counsel those with low grade
  • Report high achiever female students at the end of every academic year to the director of women’s affair office
  • Discuss with the college dean and award high achiever female students in their respective college
  • Celebrate March 8 in collaboration with the Director of Women’s Affairs Office as well as with the Female Student’s association.
  • Produce report to the Director of Women’s Affairs Office



                  Contact Person:
         Mrs. Gadise Amensis Ejigu
BECO, Women and Youth Affair Coordinator





Contact Address

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  • Cell Phone:    0910082583
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  • E-mail Address:    gadiseamensis @gmail. Com
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