About the Departement

About the Departement

Brief overview
Since its establishment in 1997, the Department of Accounting & Finance has been contributing towards meeting the country’s demand for trained human resources in the areas of Accounting, auditing and finance. The Department of accounting & Finance is presently one of the five departments within the College of Business and Economics having with undergraduate regular, evening, summer and distance programs and postgraduate regular, evening and weekend programs.The Department has currently 412 students in the regular and 986 in the extension program in the undergraduate Accounting and Finance program.  There are also 35 regular and 65 evening and weekend MSc students in the Accounting and Finance program. And there are 18 regular and 42 evening and weekend MA students in the Project Management and Finance program.Vision of the Department

“To become the leading and known high quality accounting and Finance education provider that integrates community based research and consultancy services”.

Mission of the Department

The mission of Department of Accounting and Finance in the College of Business and Economics (BECO) is to meet the University’s mission. Particularly, the mission of the Department is:

  • to provide high quality courses to support the undergraduate and graduate programs of the College of Business and Economics and the University at large,
  • to provide high quality programs of education for accounting and finance majors at the undergraduate and graduate levels,
  • to simulate and support productive, high quality research, and publication,
  • to provide service, largely through committee representation to the University, the College of Business and Economics, the Department, Accounting and Finance Community, and the Accounting profession, and
  • To foster faculty interaction with the public in ways that enhances the common good.

Objective of the Department

The primary goal of the department is to provide programs of quality education in accounting and finance at the undergraduate and graduate levels by integrating community based training, research and consultancy service. The undergraduate program provides an excellent foundation for careers in industry, government and other not-for-profit organizations; is sufficiently broad to qualify graduates for a wide range of entry-level, business-related positions; and prepares students for further graduate-level studies in areas such as accounting, finance, and business administration.  The post graduate programs to be launched also aim at producing high caliber accounting and finance graduates who is going to assume academic position in higher learning institutions, conduct research in various accounting and finance  issues, engage in consultancy services and work for various organizations as accounting finance, tax and investment expert/office.



Specific Objectives

  • To produce competent graduates with up-to-date knowledge and skill in the field of Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Budgeting, taxation and Project management
  • To produce professionals who provide consultancy services in the area of taxation, investments, projects and fund management, and other finance sector
  • To create and develop linkage with various financial institutions such as Banks, Insurers and other Finance companies and research institutions.
  • To contribute to societal development through sound training of responsive professionals and the conduct of high-quality relevant research.