Continuing and Distance Education

Duties and responsibilities

  • Organizes, coordinates, and administers the Office of the Distance and Continuing Education programs of the college.
  • Assesses whether the continuation of existing continuing, distance and short term programs are in line with the region’s and country’s needs,
  • Periodically reviews of future programs and developments within the scope of continuing and distance education program of the college,
  • Seeks appropriate ways and means to enable the distance and continuing education programs to be come self-supporting by charging appropriate tuition and service fees,
  • Works with the Quality control & audit unit in ensuring the courses offered in the continuing education program are in accordance with academic standards set by colleges for the regular full-time-day program,
  • Based on need assessment, encourages the introduction and development of distance education through correspondence and other means,
  • Assures that distance and continuing education programs incomes and expenses are handled/ treated according to the financial regulations of the University.
  • Prepares and submits annual academic, administration and financial report to the dean office.
  • Coordinates the teaching learning process in collaboration with the respective departments and assess the proper implementation of the educational rules and regulations of the University.
  • Advise CDE student on academic and administrative matters with concerned offices
  • Handles files, statistics and records related to CDE activity and students


                     Contact Person:
            Mr. Yibeltal Ayalew Mengistu
BECO, Continuing and Distance Education Coordinator



 Contact Address:

  • P. O. Box:    378
  • Office Tel.:    +251 471 12 32 13
  • Cell Phone:    +2519 79166990
  • Fax:    +25147-11-17828     
  • E-Mail Address: