List of Programs

List of Programs

Currently, the Department is offering courses in regular and extension BA degree in Banking and finance and MSc in banking and finance.
•    BA Degree in Banking and Finance(Regular and Extension)
•    MSC in Banking and Finance

Admission Criteria

For regular degree program, only students who had successfully completed preparatory schools and passed entrance examination which is prepared by Ministry of Education for Universities shall be admitted. In general terms the department admits students as per the requirements of Ministry of Education. For Extension degree program, applicants who already graduated with degree from related fields and diploma level shall be admitted if they can provide COC test certificate. In addition, all applicants should be able to cover their tuition fees which is payable at the beginning of each semester during registration.

Program Profile


The department provides three years degree program in regular program and offers Bachelor of Art Degree in Banking and Finance. Regular program has a total of 180 ECTS.. Generally the program offers35 courses. Besides, the department provides four years degree program in extension program and offers Bachelor of Art Degree in Banking and Finance. Extension program has a total of 110 credit hours and 36 courses.


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