About the Department

Banking and Finance department, formerly called Banking and Insurance opened with the aim of producing teachers in the area, was established in 2005. However, based on the demand of the country for professionals in the field and to broaden job opportunities for graduates, Jimma University started offering applied Banking & Finance with the objective of producing competent & qualified human power in Banking and Finance industries.
As the University strives to meet the human resource needs of the country’s overall development, it considers educational relevance, high quality training and applied research. Accordingly, the Department is aimed at educating professionals who are skillful and knowledgeable in banking, insurance and finance; moreover, the Department aspires to retain and acquire new, competent academic staff by providing considerable incentives. Full effort is made to ensure that members of the Department are suitably qualified.
Currently,the Department provides a three-year regular degree and four year extension (evening) degree program in Banking and Finance. Besides, the department started post graduate program in Banking and Finance as of 2010 E.C.
Vision of the Program
To be a leading model for all who seek intellectual vitality in a learner-centered and socially responsible academic community in banking and finance.
Mission of the program
To offer a unique educational environment where students can study theories of the discipline, put them into practice and improve their analytical skills that will facilitate and improve their decision-making ability as the financial managers of future. Through a process of effective education provided for our privileged students, we aim to provide them with a thorough understanding of the ways and methods within which financial institutions operate, and with the structure and operational principles of the markets in the modern financial industry.
Objectives of the Program
The general objective of the program is to produce competent and responsive banking and finance professionals who can address the community’s problems through innovative and practical means. Broadly speaking, the program is started to contribute for the development financial sector.
Specific objectives:

  • To produce competent graduates with updated knowledge and skill in the field of Banking, Insurance and other Finance sectors.
  • To fill the gap between the theory & practical aspects of Banking and Finance
  • To produce professionals who provide consultancy service in the area of banking, insurance and other finance sector.
  • To create and develop linkage with various financial institutions such as Banks, insurance and other Finance companies and research institutions.
  • To Contribute to societal development through the training of responsive professionals and the conduct of high-quality relevant research.

Strategic Directions
Department of Banking & Finance has strategic plan for the period of Five years. It offers a common framework and flexible guide for managing the department. It should foster greater coherence, coordination, and unit among staff.

Research Thematic

  •  Finance and development
  • Financial Inclusion and Literacy
  • Micro and Small Business
  • Financial institutions and business environment
  • Risk management and corporate governance
  • Bank management
  • E- commerce
  • Strategic information system,
  • Financial institutions & Financial Market management
  • Financial Literacy and Inclusion
  • Emerging trend in Banking and insurance Sector