Objective of the College

The College of Business and Economics shares the University’s overall mission of being a center of academic excellence, by integrating training, research and community service. It is also committed to promoting the advancement of knowledge through teaching, research and community services in the areas of business and economics. The College also shares the University’s unique philosophy of Community Based Education (CBE) that aims at developing students understanding the real and prevailing problems of the society in which they live. This program is designed in a manner that enables students to be more oriented in identifying the problems of society through research and at the same time developing action plans and projects that enable intervention programs, hence equipping them with problem solving skills.

College Facilities

The college conducts the teaching and learning process in well-equipped classrooms with computers and LCDs. In each classroom, internet facilities are available to support the teaching-learning process. Besides this, all computers in the classrooms are networked with computers in offices so that instructors can easily access their data in the classroom.  Students also have access to internet facilities and library services.

 The College’s major objectives are as follows:

  • To produce qualified and well-equipped professionals in the fields of Accounting and Finance, Economics, Management, and Banking and Finance and Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • To conduct problem solving researches in the area of business and economics that could improve socio-economic activities of society
  • To provide training and consultancy services to the local community, governmental and non-governmental organizations and other social organizations

Major Activities

  • Basic teaching-learning activities
  • Student research projects for graduating students, aimed at enhancing their methodological skills and problem identification and solving capabilities.
  • Practical Training Program would be given for selective courses like operation management, entrepreneurship and project planning, aimed at acquainting students to the real working environment and enabling students to convert theories and models learned in classes to practical tasks.
  • Undertaking Community Based Training Program (CBTP) and Development Team Training Programs (DTTP)
  • Establishing links with sister local Universities and abroad
  • Exchanging memorandum of understanding with federal and regional bureaus, and research institutes to share experiences and work together for better results
  • Undertaking research and publication activities
  • Educational tours to different manufacturing firms
  • Developing proceedings of selected research work
  • Providing counseling service to students on their academic and social problems.