Student Demographics

Management Department Student Demography (2019/20 Academic Year, Semester I, based on SRS


Student Support

To curve out the students’ social and academic problems that might probably inhibit their academic performance, the department of Management supports students by assigning Academic and Social Advisors who are ready for delivering  their professional advisory service.

Besides, the provision of Academic Remedial Action for low performers and Affirmative Action for female students is a supplemental undertaking. Students of the department have also access to internet service, shared library, computer laboratory, and as well provided with photocopy and duplication facilities for carrying out their SRP. In addition, as the college is planning to avail in-door game services, the students will be beneficiaries of this unique spare time exercise very soon.

Student Opportunity

The quality of teaching is one of the most determinant factors for excellence of the program. The current status of teaching staff is adequate in terms of quantity and quality to run the program. Hence, there is an ample experience to be exploited by students as an opportunity.

Given this, the intake of students in the department is to increase as the staff size is worth mentioning. In addition, as differentiated from other universities in the nation, students have a unique opportunity of enjoying community oriented teaching philosophy as witnessed by Community based Training Program (CBTP) and Student Research Project (SRP) which enables them to relate their theoretical knowledge with the practice.